Keepin The Streets Sassy | Paris Fashion Week Day 1


Photography by Kiran Gidda
Jeans: Miss Sixty 

So, my first day of Paris Fashion Week started with me waking up at 3am and getting on a 5am Eurostar - not very glam.

However, as soon as we got to the hotel (contrary to these photo's we did not stay at the Ibis Hotel lol). I changed into these awesome Miss Sixty flares that I am slightly head over heels about and made me feel as fresh as a daisy. They are made out of the stretching denim fabric so were SO comfy, it felt like i was wearing leggings - perfect for exploring the city. Also the style of them being super skinny on the leg and then ending with a major awesome flare is just perfect. They are the most flattering flares i have ever worn as usually wide leg ones make me look like a whale.

Samsoe Samsoe deserve a medal for creating the first beige item I think I have EVER worn! *round of applause all round* Samsoe sneakily got me in this stunning and pretty darn classy beige number because of the gorgeous back detail (or lack of). Lets face it, who can resist a bit of back cleavage? I have also worn it tucked into a leather mini on a night out and it again looked fab.

We had a busy day on our first day in Paris but thankfully we made it to the Ih Nom Uh Nit show (just dont ask me how to pronounce it). With the sick Kanye and Rihanna soundtrack to match the equally uber cool and relaxed clothes it was the perfect end to our first day of Paris Fashion Week. I also appreciated the fact that the designer was making uber long sleeves a trend as i had forgotten my gloves so was constantly walking around Paris like that.

On our way out of the show we got caught in a bizarre snow/ice rain storm and were quite literally drenched by the time we even got to the Metro as i had given priority to my camera instead of my umbrella in my tiny backpack. So these photo's really are posted with love.

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  1. obsessed with those jeans! they look amazing!


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