London Fashion Week AW16: Vintage Is Back With Avengence


We all know that vintage trends always come back into style. However, this season at London Fashion Week a few designers have been fully transporting us back to the good old days.  

Designer Alice Archer, set her presentation in a private residential star listed house. The invite pre-warning all fashion guests that the floorboards, authentically from 1732, were made of narrow softwood and therefore steel tipped stiletto heels were not allowed. As much as I wanted to see the sight, there were no fashionistas going bare foot as everyone seemed to have opted for a comfy trainer for Day 1. 

The decadent surroundings were the perfect setting for her classic vintage collection. A lot of floral embroidered detail was used, to stunning effect. As we walked through the rooms models were casually leaning against victorian styled fire places and lounging in armchairs and for a few second we felt as if we were back in 1980’s. 

Possibly my ALL TIME favourite presentation of LFW was Steventai's presentation where all guests got to live it up like a granny for a few minutes. You should all know one of my favourite possessions is my vinyl player, I also have vinyl discs all over my bedroom wall so i was in heaven as the vinyl player played some retro calming music whilst i stepped on mismatch vintage carpets and looked at some stunning designs.  My favourite being a blue corduroy two set.  

The exquisite set design was actually like my dream bedroom with floral wallpaper that perfectly complimented the clothes. Whilst models sat reading books or doing some embroidery (or at least attempting too) I made my way further through, whilst also wanting to steal their glasses because OMGAH THEY WERE AMAZING. Oh and also the tea cups, i also collect tea cups - yes i know i should just be a old person already. 

I was intact thinking about that exact fact when i came to the end presentation and in fact to everyone's surprise found 'a granny' or more mature lady sitting doing some embroidery. It was the perfect finish to the whole immersive experience and i left feeling like i had found home sweet home.


  1. The embroidery is killing me I love it so much!! Such an amazing presentation...

    Infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane

  2. Ahhh this presentation is amazing, feels like a time warp *.*
    I need all of the blouses though, agh <3



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