Paris Is Always A Good Idea | Paris Fashion Week Day 2


 Photography by Kiran Gidda
Skirt and Jacket: Rokit Vintage*
Boots: Iron Fist*

So what any fashionista at Paris Fashion Week will tell you about the beginning of this season is that the weather was horrible. As you can tell by these very 'wind swept' photo's we had rain, wind, hail- you name it. But that didn't stop us, we woke up early and headed to the Eiffel Tower for the Ann Demeulemeester show. 

Paris Fashion Week is very different to good old London Fashion Week. When i say people dress up UP i mean it! Girls in heels (that i would break my neck wearing within two minutes), wearing the most stylish and stunning colourful outfits strutted around and for once i felt very boring in my near all black ensemble.

In fact without knowing it i looked very Parisian in my striped tee and neck banana. Albeit a bit more badass. I think the ensemble took over my persona a bit as my French skills were on fire that day!


  1. Love how you broke up the monochrome with a splash of red. That jacket and those boots look amazing x

  2. Sure cool outfit, and i love Parisss

  3. It's sexy without being too revealing


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