What’s In My Mi Pac


Jeans: Ragged Priest 
Top: Daisy Street
Shoes: Areta X Reebok

I hope you are prepared for this, Mi Pac have asked me to show you what is in my Mi Pac and i’m just pre -warning you before i show you… 

At school my classmates used to tease me about my ‘evacuation bag’. A bag that was forever with me, probably on my lap that was filled to the brim with items for ‘just in case situations’. Therefore, whenever i sat down (with my bag) they would all tease “Oh i see Sabs has got her evacuation bag at the ready”. 

If you haven’t guessed from that my bag is usually filled with basically a ton of stuff you don’t really need… or do you? Backpacks are ALWAYS my bag of choice and I am so happy companies like Mi Pac are around so that I can have a snazzy one and not another boring backpack. 

With it’s pebbled silver (some would say alien baby inspired) exterior and uber cool draw string design it’s definitely one hell of a stylish bag.  It is brand new and from Mi Pac's SS16 collection. And I would go as far to say “my neck, my back, my Mi Pac and my snacks” is basically all i need this Spring. 

So without further ado ‘Welcome To Mi Crib, I mean Pac”...

My Purse: See that little ‘I am the exception not the rule’ pouch, yeah it's actually my purse at the moment. All I need to carry is a debit card and oyster so what's the point in lugging around a brick? Plus it's so sassy!

Game Boy: Yes, it still works! I spend a lot of my time on trains and always like to indulge in a bit of Pokemon gaming. You gotta catch ‘em all!  

Lighter: Now, i’m not a smoker, however, carrying around a lighter is always useful. As Rachel in Friends found out, being in the smoking area is usually where all the DMC's happen... or is the place where you can actually chat to the hot guy on the night out. 

Bart Simpson figure: This is my cousin’s fault. As you can see I love the 90s and The Simpsons so a few months back my cousin bought me a Simpson figurine. Needless to say, just like Pokemon Cards back in the day I now  collect them whilst traveling and found this little fella at the bottom of my bag.

Water and Snack Bar: I ALWAYS carry water and a snack bar. At uni I was known as the girl who would whack out a snack bar in the middle of the dance floor at 2am. But hey, it's a good tip as you can just keep on partying whilst everyone else bails and goes to get cheesy chips. 

Lipsticks: I very rarely wear make-up, I just CBA and DGAF. However, I do realise that beauty products do make your appearance like 90% better. So, my trick is to always carry a bright red or purple lipstick with me so that I can apply it whenever i want to ‘make an effort’. 

Plasters: I’m a very clumsy person so always chuck a few plasters in for emergencies. However, a plaster just can’t help you when you do a forward roll in gym class and manage to pull the largest muscle in your neck and then have to wear a neck brace for the next week (one day of which is your birthday). Yeah, i’m THAT clumsy… 

Car Keys: Whether it's to drive me to the gym, coffee shop or to see my friends. I always pray my 20 year old ‘vintage’ Toyota Corolla actually gets me from point A to B. 

Notepad And Pen: Because i like to make lists and i like to do it the old school way. Now you may be like ‘Awww where can i buy that notepad with the cute puppy on!?’, well you can’t, it’s my dog called Tilly. Before you panic, no she’s not dead (yet). But she is very old and my mum ‘as a memory’ got us these notepads for mine and my twin’s birthday last month, which queued hysterical crying and lots of Tilly cuddles. It made our birthday pretty 'ruff'.

Glasses: My job which entails staring at a screen ALL day, plus my age means without my glasses i can’t read anything more than a few feet in front of me. So, I have glasses for all weathers with me at ALL times. 

Camera’s: Yes, i recently gave into the ‘fashion blogger must’ of the Olympus Pen and now I don’t go anywhere without it. If i’m going on a cool location shoot or on an adventure i will also take my polaroid because, duh, it’s a polaroid. 

Phone (and charger): Obviously nobody leaves the house without their phone! My iPhone 5 however is now very overrun and it’s battery life can’t last more than 2 hours so I always have to take my charger.

Headphones: MUSIC. IS. LIFE. I always listen to music when i “work, work, work, work, work, work”.

Bart Simpson USB and Laptop: As well as running The Young Eccentric i am also a journalist so wherever i go my laptop goes. However, if i do have to leave the laptop (which would cause heart palpitations) I always carry a USB, which has blog posts to edit or articles i’m working on just in case i get some time and can use someone else’s laptop.

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