Feels x Hype Event



Photography by Phoebe Phox and Zac Mahrouche (and a few iPhone snaps)
Dungarees: Rokit Vintage*
Fire Top: Illustrated People*
Shoes: H&M

 So, last week I attended the Feels x Hype event at The Red Gallery in Shoreditch.

Hype teamed up with Feels to find ambassadors for their brand through their App. Along with a limited edition Collaboration t shirt. The event that took place to celebrate the collaboration was indeed as cool as it sounds and I was very HYPER. 

I designed my own Hype tee with a pretty pink design *duh* and we were entertained by some super talented rappers including Lola Coca and Too Many T's.

If you think there are two of me in these pics it's because I also took along with identical twin Lucinda as well as our friends Tash and Alaina.  Cos hey it was a FRIYAAAAAAY!

Also, wondering why we are pulling some stupid wannabe gangstar pose holding up four fingers? It's because these gals have accompanied me to a few events now so we have called ourselves 'The Sass Squad' because I am sometimes called Sassy Sabby. 

Our inner posh selves then thought we would take the piss out of our so not cool selves and say that we are 'G's 4 LYFE' #costheresfourofus - yeah we are lame, but it kept us entertained throughout the night. 

I also ran into so many of my fave people including GOTG Zoe Dubbs (who was kinda tripped out about meeting my twin for the first time hehe). The Red Gallery also holds the 90s Nana Bar so we did loiter a bit in the stairway and do our own rendition of Peter Andre's Mysterious Girl before we got told by security to move....

 Also shout outs to my fave photographers Phoebe and Zac who captured the evening and who are my favourite people ever ever ever. On the way home we were discussing how Phoebs needs to stop being SO cool and talented and such as young age. And we were planning a way to kidnap Zac because we all love him but he's rather tall and therefore decided we would not get away with it.

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