Umbro | Paris Fashion Week Day 4


Jacket: Marbek
Top: Umbro 
Shoes: Iron Fist*

Heya guys

Sorry this is a tad late! I've been a bit bombarded with work but have finally got around to posting my last outfit from Paris Fashion Week. 

Oh Umbro, Umbro, Umbro. If you had asked me to wear this shirt in 2001 I probs would of been like 'HELL YEAH!' and matched it with my Von Dutch trackies. However, lets not lie Umbro did have a few years of silence. But just like many brands back in the day it has made a freaking awesome comeback and is now a MUST for any cool street outfit. 

Lets all take a moment to appreciate the fact that the umbro shirt literally has the French flag on it so was very well co-ordinated for my Paree adventure.  I now need more Umbro in my life. Pronto.

I'm also hoping to get out a video of each outfit on my YouTube channel as i had a great time running around Paris (i even managed to rip this skirt ha) - so keep an eye out! 


  1. Amazing images!! Love the bomber xx

  2. Oh my god UMBRO so many early noughties feels! Love this guuuurl xx

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