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Being a London gal, and my twin being a MASSIVE foodie our weekends often resolve around 3 things: brunch, coffee and ''snackets'' (which my sister has coined as being 'a little snack').  A lot of the time i just take the piss out of her because she calls everything 'mmm delicious' and is way too into her brand of sea salt than any other 23 year old i know. 

However, lets face it food is the way to everyone's heart. And sometimes the only way to cheer yourself up after a hard week at work is with a jolly good few hours of eating nice food and drinking Prosecco. 

So viola, here are my top two picks for this month if you feel like you and your friends need to TREAT YO SELF. 

Mahiki - Drinks and Dinner


1 Dover St, London W1S 4LD

Whats in store: 

We headed down on a Wednesday for Mahiki's Music night and dinner. We had all been clubbing there before and if we are completely honest never even knew they served food. However, now think we may now say goodbye to the club and hello to late night live music and cocktails. 


Flamed edamame, chicken sliders and salmon and avocado maki, oh oh and mini burgers. Okay, so there was too much to choose from all it was all washed down with a few of Mahiki's famous cocktails. Yes they were rainbow coloured and VERY instagrammable. 

The atmos was great, with fab live music the place was packed so it had a buzzy atmosphere that would probably be hard to find else wear on a Wednesday evening. It was very chilled and before we knew it, it was well past our work night bed times. 

No 197 Chiswick Fire Station - Just Opened


197 Chiswick High Rd, London W4 2DR

Whats In Store: 

My twin and I were VERY excited about this new addition to our stomping ground and it was everything and more. As soon as we stepped into the restaurant for its grand opening we were already planning our next visit. 

The decor, on point. The cocktail list, on point. The menu's for all times of the day, ON FREAKING POINT. As we were invited to the opening we got to taste a selection of the menu and cocktail list and it was wonderful. 


Well seeing as last weekend we went there for Friday evening drinks (fab buzzy atmos). Saturday for brunch - yes we taste tested the pancakes and they passed with flying colours. AND then we went back Sunday for a iced coffee and fresh orange juice (hungover duh). I think it's fair to say if you need me, you can probably find me here.
 (unless your name is Paul, in which case- jog on)

oh crap whilst writing this post i got really hungry and have just looked down to see i have devoured a bag of Cheese Balls - how gourmet.


  1. These places look AMAZING, those cocktails look insane. x

  2. Nice post :)
    Maria V.


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