That Time I Partied In Cannes With Kendall Jenner


Yes i know I look terrified - it's all explained below *insert laughing emoji face*



Well if you have scrolled through this post, you have basically seen my whirlwind, less than 48 hours in Cannes. Loads of you have been asking me how I got there etc etc. No I don't have secret Kardashian connections or am suddenly a big shot blogger. I was there for work (my day job is a fashion journalist for Yahoo).

Anywhoooooo here's a little about the trip. Okay, so it was a VERY early morning flight, the alarm clock was set for 1.30am so guess what? I didn't sleep. I thought I could possibly have a little nap in the car there but nope my driver was a real Chatty Cathy.

Anyway,  I was just reassuring myself that I had probably sleepless night at uni and therefore I could totes get through it... which i did... kinda....

(A sip of a Bloody Mary on the plane did also help me keep me alert)

I arrived in Cannes along with a few other journo's and we went for a lovely lunch at the Carlton Hotel. I was in heaven, there was Rose in my glass, sun on my face - what more could a girl want?

We then went to the press conference with Kendall Jenner and the photographers who shot the new campaign Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott. I learn't a few new things about Kendall eg, she loves the Ocean and surfing, she apparently loves a good selfie sesh and according to the photographers her spirit animal is a sexy cat - no surprises there.

Then the next bit is a bit of a blur as we were all rushing to get to our hotel, check in and get ready to go back out again within a VERY short amount of time, especially for 5 girls. Plus, all our iPhone's by this point where only on 15% and desperately in need of a charge. I went to plug mine in and looked bemusingly at the adapter before realising it was in fact a American adapter. NICE. ONE. SABS.

It was at this moment that the uncontrollable over-tiredness kicked in and I didn't know whether to laugh or sob hysterically. Luckily there was no time for either.

After a lovely dinner where we all become tomato and mozzarella connoisseurs and discussed how none of us like the very french (and fashion) greeting of the double cheek kiss. We headed to the party. 

Now, I actually looked smart for me and was wearing a dress from Zara that I had purchased for the occasion. However, checking my phone on arrival my sister who must have been on some social media had already text me to say "Uh oh, people are in full on gowns. You okay there?" ALL PANIC. I would say about 70% were in full on OTT ball gowns, plus everybody seemed to be a celeb of some type. However, I also saw a man in trainers, shorts and a backpack on the dancefloor so wasn't too worried.

After partying the night away with Kendall, Kris and their glam squad and with three DJ's on the decks because that's how they do it in Cannes. It's fair to say I. Was. Exhausted.

It was at this point that we did the classic 'girls who just cant even'. We sat on the stairs near the exit... and took off our heels trying to avoid the broken glass. By this point my eyes were automatically closing and I was wishing for a few cocktail sticks to do a Mr Bean and prop them open.

It was at one of these moments of my head bob waking me up again that Kendall was right next to me and we took that picture all very chilled. Quite honestly? Can't remember it but I think... I think my eyes were trying to overcompensate their over-tiredness and 'smise' a bit too much. Therefore this strange *deer caught in the headlights* expression happened. I have tried to re-create this facial expression since and I have no idea how I did it but hey its made for one hilarious unforgettable photo and the end to one marvelous trip.

Even if I did completely fail at Keeping Up With The Kardashians....


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