The Bluebell Woods Adventure


Backpack: The Cambridge Satchel Company*
Coat: Second Hand 
Skirt: Topshop

So you all know i'm a backpack gal through and through. I just don't see the appeal of struggling to fit all your stuff into a shoulder bag that then is so heavy it leaves a mark on your shoulder. Am i right girls?

Luckily for me The Cambridge Satchel Company have now bought out a range of backpacks in literally EVERY colour - YAY.

I took mine for it's first little adventure the other week to a bluebell woods and luckily I had my little Olympus to capture the moment BECAUSE I FREAKING MATCHED! (Nope, this was not intentional).

My small portrait backpack is also literally the perfect size and I can fit all my blogging essentials in it. Which means i now look smart and sophisticated with my backpack and not like i have just been on a 4 hours trek. Even my mum now approves of my backpack use!

I was going to edit these pics but then I thought that I would go for the au natural look and just leave them as the bluebells in themselves are pretty amazing and at the moment i'm so tired of seeing over filtered/ photoshoped images. So here's a reminder of what a instant photo actually looks like without the Valencia filter.

Get ready to see more of me looking like Dora The Explorer with my Cambridge Satchel backpack because i literally have not put it down.


  1. Love these pictures! And love the way your coat matches the flowers! #aesthetics ;)


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