We Are FSTVL with Funkin Cocktails



Dress: Motel Rocks
Jacket: Vintage 

On Bank Holiday weekend I started the festival season off with a bang and went to We Are FSTVL with Funkin Cocktails.

The nice sister that I am, I also took my twin and it was her first EVER festival.  WHAT IS LIFE WITHOUT FESTIVALS!?!?!?

In true festival style we had a cheeky Funkin Mojito with breakfast to get us in the party spirit as we made our way ALL the way to the end of the district line.

Luckily, the ol' British weather did good and it was super sunny! We got our VIP wristbands (which my sis was VERY happy about). I think the normal portaloo's would have pushed her over the edge haha. We headed straight to VIP to suss it out and apart from a little debacle with We Are FSTVL's token system we were off and away.

The Glitter Parlour was our first stop (after the bar obvs) and I WAS IN HEAVEN. My sister asked to be a 'Glitter Princess', which was sensible. I just said i wanted to be a rainbow and ended up with basically an entire pot of glitter on my face. Not complaining because I FELT AWESOME.

After all, can you ever have enough glitter? I don't think so. Although i did then run into a friend from uni in the crowd (which freakishly i am always doing at festivals) and was trying to convince her that i was now a successful adult as i tried to blink glitter out my eye.

The vibes and music were fab, we went to every tent as to not get FOMO but eventually ended up at the main stage watching DJ Fresh and Sigma.

To find out more about my day, I did a vlog so check it out :) I'm really trying with this whole YouTube thing so if you want to see more vids give it a cheeky subscribe.

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