We Could Be Stars


Veratta Dress in Blush: Motel Rocks* 
Choker: Pretty Little Thing 
Hat: Miss Selfridge 

Hey Guys

I should really be posting this tomorrow cos then i could be like "on Wednesdays we wear..." blah blah blah but you guys know i don't do anything to the book so here's a pink look a day early. 

I featured this dress in my May Favourite's a little while ago - yaaah i'm on YouTube now so come give me a follow - I promise it will be fun. 

Anyway love the dress, it's cut-out to infinity and and not only has the very on-trend cold shoulder but also a boob-alicious low V front. Needless to say there were A LOT of nip slips shooting this baby so i'm off to invest in some tit tape. 


  1. Absolutely love this dress! It looks so nice (although I can indeed imagine that tit tape isn't a luxury in this case...). ;)




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