LFW Look 1 | Shout Out To Justin Timberlake And Britney Spears


 Top, Jacket and Jeans: Rokit Vintage* 
Shoes: ASOS

 This Fashion Week I teamed up once again with my fave Rokit Vintage to dress head-to-toe (or, more precisely ankle) in vintage.

I had no idea what vibe I was going for when I stepped foot in their Covent Garden store looking like one very unattractive hot mess. If you cast your mind back you will remember this day was very, VERY hot. I also was slightly flustered because I had just freaked the f*ck out that a pigeon had just flown in my face (turned out to be a large leaf) I SERIOUSLY need new glasses.

Anyway, despite the weather my previous knowledge of Fashion Week reassured me that LFW is always raining so I could totes go for triple denim.... and so I did.

Shout out to JT and Britney for being my inspiration! I thought I would give the iconic look a whirl and i'm happy to report it went down rather well. My favorite comment on my Instagram being:

"This is like quadruple denim and i'm not even mad. You just slay", thank you very much pastelghetto.

 On the first day of LFW I was running around like a headless chicken to Shrimps,
Teatum Jones, Ryan Lo, Steventai, Sadie Williams and a few others i can't quite remember right now - i shall do a 'LFW highlights' or something similar soon.

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