LFW Look 2 | Pretty In Pink


Dress: 20p from a charity shop 
Shirt: Used to be my Nans
Glasses: My Nans
Bag: Absolutely no idea, found it in the bottom of my closet
Boots: ASOS

This was probably my favourite look out of all the five outfits from London Fashion Week.  

Firstly, I am obsessed with oriental print and was frantically searching eBay for inexpensive finds but having no luck (naturally, but this point i was planning a trip to China) when i came across a charity shop and snapped this dress up for 20p - GET IN. 

It's not really a 'everyday' dress so I was very happy when i managed to style it up for Fashion Week.

Now, in my frantic "AH, I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR" state, I was rummaging through some of the clothes i have kept of my Nans (which is most of them) and found this bang on trend statement sleeve blouse - HEY PRESTO. 

I then paired it with my uber trendy velvet boots from ASOS and another itty bitty bag (I had a bit of problem with small bags this season) as you will discover if you watch my LFW styling video (and come subscribe peeps): 


  1. omg! love this outfit so much! ive been looking for one of those oriental dresses everywhere, can't believe u snapped that one in a charity shop! such a good find :) http://sarahinwonderlust.blogspot.co.uk/2016/09/ohhhhh-yeahhhh.html

  2. This is such a look! All the pink is amazing, obsessed with those boots especially! X


  3. Wow this outfit is amazing I love the dress,




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