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 I thought I would share a few pics from my trip to Laguna Beach as the views were just so stunning.

Also, soz for all the wankey photo's with the Starbucks cup but i got one of the rainbow drinks (that you can only get in the USA) and was SO excited about it.

Laguna Beach is a lovely place just to chill and it helped that the beach house we stayed at was UH-mazing thanks to the friends who let us stay (if they read this: thank youuuuu!!).

So, apart from the obvious beach, it also had a lovely little town where you can basically walk everywhere or get on a free tram which was so cute.

You're also very close to LOADS of other small cities - *cough cough* OC fans Newport Beach is very close.

On the first night as i sat on the beach house balcony, drinking wine and watching one of the many incredible sunsets i did feel like i was one step closer to becoming Lauren Conrad LOLZ.

To see more see more of what my sis and i called 'The Twins Tour' watch my vlog here:

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