Oversized Shirts And Sock Boots



Shirt: Vintage
Jeans: Vintage 
Jacket: Vintage 
Backpack: Eastpak*

Okay, so first off let me tell you that walking in these shoes on gravel was no easy task. However, they are just too pewtty (and yeah I know, a Vetements dupe) so I will fall on my face however many times in order to wear them.

Secondly, lemme just mention this belt. I found it in the bottom of a draw and if you had a very 90s childhood like myself, then the chances are you may also have one too. The now cringe diamante fastening with my IRL initials is basically the definition of 'tacky'. However, all things diamante are back and I though hey why not whack out the belt.

[PS. yeah I know it's upside down in some of the pics, I obvs can't even put on a belt properly. Some would say it makes this outfit even more #EDGY tho.]

Now onto the pièce de résistance of the outfit MY DENIM BACKPACK OF DREAMS. If you havn't guessed already I freaking LOVE denim and am not afraid to wear triple, quadruple, hell if I could I would just wear head- to- toe denim and this backpack is basically helping me achieve that lifelong goal. 

I am also a bit of a backpack connoisseur and for me Eastpak is the freaking Queen/King (gotta be gender fluid) of backpacks. At uni I had a friend with a Eastpak, meanwhile I was stuck with some shitty Jansport or Primark own. So now I finally have a Eastpak (and it denim) I was so freaking happy. As far as my bag collection now goes as Sinead O'connor sings, "Nothing Comapres 2 U".

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