ATTENTION: I hate the term 'Squad Goals'


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In 2016 we saw the rise of "Squad Goals", "Girl Gang" and "Girl Squad" and whilst it was endearing to begin with and I enjoyed trying to decipher who exactly was in Taylor Swifts squad. When it came to everyday life I wasn't such a fan... 

Firstly, let's start with it's definition. Urban Dictionary offers a few:

1. When you aspire for your group of friends to be as cool as another group of friends.

2. An inspirational term for what you’d like your group of friends to be or accomplish.
(...and my personal favourite)
3. A retarded new "catch phrase" that millenials use to look BA. 
My main issue is that it's putting girls and women right back in Year 9. It's making some girls act like 'Mean Girls' again by thinking their squad is exclusive or better than others. It's basically making groups of 'popular girls' all over again.
It also encourages competition.  Are the other friendship groups doing something cooler? Do they have the better new season wardrobe? Better boyfriends? The best jobs? Girls definitely don't need any other reason to compare themselves to others, we already beat ourselves up about stuff like that on the reg anyway.  

A positive of the term 'Squad Goals' should be that the close group of girls support and empower one another.......
Erm, hold da phone. 
Surely we should be doing that anyway and for any women we cross paths with, not just the ones in our squad.

So, hey, if it's just a funny caption on a Insta snap because it's the ''in'' phrase, go ahead. But please don't bring back high-school politics cos none of us be needing that.
We're grown up's.
Give each girl you meet the same support and kindness that you would anyone in ''your squad'' - that's real girl empowerment, not labeling yourself a 'squad'.  

On another note: I'm seriously loving army pants and berets atm...

Pps. Now go forth and spice up your life.


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