The harsh but honest reality why your life is so boring right now


January: It's cold, we're broke and Netflix has just bought out the ENTIRE series of The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air - I ain't movin'.

Hey girl, I get ya, this month makes all motivation go out the bloomin' window.

However, it's easy to get in a bit of a winter rut, so if you find yourself doing a few of the things below SHAKE IT OFF GURL, you got this - the hardest thing is just getting out that door...


 You just keep saying 'NO'

"I'm shattered from [insert tiring activity, new diet plan, tube strikes]"

"SO Sorry, I didn't see your WhattsApp!" (you totes did, you just didn't click on it, sneaky you) 

"Argh man, I'm stuck at work (enter some swear words and diss your boss for authenticity) can we reschedule?"

We are all guilty of this. Your friends ask you to do something and you keep. making. excuses. If you need a little TLC by all means take care of yo'self and have a chill one. However, do you REALLY need another night in, or are you just doing what's easiest? 

In the winter it's all about faking it till you make it, so say "HELL YEAH" with all the (fake) enthusiasm you can muster, put on some good tunes whilst you get ready and convince yourself you are about to have a good time.  I promise once you're sat down with your mates having a good chinwag and glass of vino all those excuses will seem a thing of the past.

Look, I'm broke
Babe, look we're all more broke than usual.

 But that £2.40 on your Oyster card and meeting for a £1.90 cuppa from Cafe Nero ain't gunna break the bloody bank now is it?

 Your friends won't care if your the stingiest mother f*cker there is. Get them vouchers and promo codes out or decide to have a catch up at someone's house - I'll bring the Gallo wine yeah? Sometimes 'getting together on a budget' with your friends can actually be quite a laugh and they'll really appreciate the fact you didn't "be lame" and bail.

I'm single and suffering from S.A.D
You (secretly) really don't want to hear about your friends FAB relationships when the closest relationship you have right now is with the 'watch next episode' button on Netflix. Plus, after Christmas reaffirmed your love of cheese (FOOD SENT FROM THE HEAVENS) you really aren't in the mood to go out on the town cos that's cold AND costs bare money....

 I mean, you could go on a Tinder or a Bumble date? Lol, NAH MATE #EFFORT.

 Numero uno, stop worrying about your relationship status, I know it's colder and a human hot water bottle would be useful. However, for some reason in the winter people think if you have no boyf that means you have the right to be lonely, sad and act like Bridget Jones.

BUY YO SELF A HOT WATER BOTTLE GURL and maybe have a few flirty chats with someone on Tinder to up your ego. When was the last time you properly got dressed? If you actually get dressed up (in that bargain £5.99 new Zara dress you got in the sale) just for a drink with a friend you may find it makes you feel a whole lot better and get you back to FEELIN' YO SELF.

Jeans: Similar here

Lastly, stop constantly worrying about being tired 
My dog recently went to doggy heaven and as much as I miss her, I also miss the fact that I can no longer use the excuse "I have to get home for my dog" as a way to get out early, so that I still have time to get home and watch the next Netflix episode before bed. DARN IT.

But look okay, if you're out, you're out. You will get home for those much needed ZZZZ's and that Netflix episode will still be there tomorrow.  But by keep checking the train times/ bus schedule with your heart sinking just thinking about the time you're going to get home you're just making the social engagement a chore and not letting yourself fully enjoy it. 

Live in the moment and stop stressing about getting home and your bedtime because no one remembers the nights they got a good night sleep. If your enthusiasm for the night is really lacking just remember your friends have also had to go through the cold, wet, dark journey to get there and they also have work in the morning. But, they did it because they wanted to see you, which is pretty darn flattering aye? 

PS. I'm guilt of ALL of the above, hell, I havn't even made it to the gym in months so froze my membership. So come on gals, to paraphrase the infamous 1D we let's "Live While We're Young"


  1. They're perfect for that midwest-kind-of-chilly weather. Pretty soon it's going to be puffers and wool coats. I love the pinks and those shoes are killer.

  2. This outfit is literally EVERYTHING - love the frayed jeans and coordination of the pink, you look amazing
    Feel free to take out my latest post x

  3. I can`t say that I like this outfit but it looks quite notext nice. Not my kind of thing. But, thank you, anyway.

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