Why puffer jackets are worth the space in your wardrobe


Orange Puffer Jacket: Missguided (was £35 now £17.50)
Patent Boots: Missguided
Choker: eBay [similar here]

Oh, puffer jackets. When they're not on-trend they are pretty much just a pain in everyone's arse as they take up what feels like 3/4 of our much needed wardrobe space.

However, when they're ''in'', boy are they IN and I freaking LUUUURVE it because it feels like I'm travelling in a duvet and I get called 'stylish' doing so - it's basically a win, win.

Puffer jackets seem to come back year on year. However, there is always a go-to colour for that particular season. Last year it was fashionable to get a bright coloured puffer, I stupidly opted to invest in a bright yellow puffer, which basically just left me looking like Ali G but hey, I think I worked it. 

Particularly unfortunate that I also lived near slough - BERKSHIRE MASSIF!

Anywhoo, I was kind of close with my colour choice as orange is the shade to have this season.

Thanks to Justin Bieber and Kanye West's massive tour merch success featuring the bright shade, apparently we can now all walk round wearing the unflattering orange colour that in the past has only been reserved for convicts - nice one boys.

My conclusive point being whatever colour you get, hold onto those puffers because no coat is as soft and snuggly.


  1. I was always one of this kids who refused to wear puffer jackets as I thought it was 'chavvy' little did I know I'd be rocking a bright red puffer a few years later! You look fab in this combination, love it!

    Infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane

    1. haha Lucy I was the exact same when I was younger! :P Thanks for reading the post! xxx

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