How to wear trousers under a dress (without looking like an absolute idiot)


 For the last few months we've all seen trousers under dresses try and sneak their way back onto the scene. And I think I speak for all of us when I say our initial reaction was, "AH HELL NO!"

Although I am an avid fan of all things 90s, there is no denying that even I was slightly hesitant about the trend. The only time I have ever fully accepted the use of trousers under anything is in the Lizzie McGuire Movie when Lizzie wears *that* incredible outfit for the ICONIC "sing to me Paolo" moment.

However, without realising it, I think that scene subconsciously inspired my London Fashion Week day 1 outfit....  

Photo: Andrew Barber/ Omnistyle
Photo: Andrew Barber/ Omnistyle

Basically, I dressed like a low key princess, so it was a good day. However, let me talk you through my styling process and give you a few pointers on how to make trousers under a dress look on-point.

Choose Jeans

If you have no idea where to even begin, I would suggest you start with a pair of jeans. As we all know it's pretty hard to make jeans look bad, even when pairing it with a dress.

I opted for vintage mom jeans for a more relaxed look, helping to make the combo look casual and give my girly pastel pink dress a tomboy edge. 

 Wear Tulle

If you don't know that tulle is HUGE this season then where have you freaking been!? In fact it's kind of the fabrics fault that this trouser under dress trend is back in the first place. 

So, trust me, a sheer dress over jeans is a foolproof look. 

Choose Complimentary Colours 

If you stick to one or two hues then the trousers are bound to look more subtle. 

You can either go for all one colour, which can actually look chic AF. Or tie in the trouser colour in other ways such as I did by adding a blue jacket.

Jeans: Ragged Priest (similar here)
Dress: Vintage (similar here)
Shoes: Daisy Street  (similar here)
Coat: Boohoo (similar here)


But my top tip: Just freaking give it a go, wear it with confidence and you are sure to rock it.

I now much prefer wearing trousers instead of restricting tights because I'm not constantly worried about ladders, I can actually walk properly and they are SO much more comfy.  Plus, I feel like a 90s kid again and that's always a bonus in my book.


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