The only pair of shoes you need this summer


Yeah, I'm talking about must-have mules...

I'll be the first to admit that mules are a slightly weird creation, I mean, it's basically half a shoe. However, there is no denying that the part slider, part loafer is THE shoe to have this season.

Why you ask? Well, Gucci may have had a little something to do with it. Okay, okay they had a lot to do with it. Ever since those fluffy slip-on's came onto the scene we all haven't been able to get them out of our minds [me included].

Now, I am a practical person. So, the idea of a shoe that can just slide off at any moment (without warning) isn't my idea of a solid shoe. However, have you seen this Ego Official pair? They just look sooo preeeety.

Therefore, I was determined to do it for the vine  no wait that's dead, I mean gram. DO IT FOR THE GRAM.

I grabbed my mules, packed them in a suitcase, booked a hotel and flights at 8pm and was boarding a plane at Heathrow by 11am After all, I take research very seriously.

One brief sleep later I was throwing on the sassy shoes for a day of exploring in Abu Dhabi and I quickly discovered love on another level.

Let me explain why:

You look Instagram ready at all times 


I am someone who doesn't often invest in summer footwear. In fact on a trip to LA last year I had the same silver boots on in every snap (yes ankle boots, not very summer vacay).

Or, I ended up wearing the most random arse shoes that didn't match my outfit and subsequently my feet were quickly cropped out as they looked tres un-Instagrammable.

Well, with mules it's a well know blogger fact that your feet with look on-point no matter what.

They're comfy AF 

I was really hesitant about their comfort, as I was convinced that my feet would feel like they were clinging onto the soles for dear life. Tell ya what, I was wrong.

It's basically like wearing slippers on the casj - HELLZ YEAH.

Tbh it's actually quite a relief, as I've never really got on with my other go-to stylish shoe, which is obvs Stan Smith's. They just always hurt me, which I have put down to karma/ ironic twist of fate as I used to know a guy of the same name [awkwaaaaaard].

    Dress: Motel Rocks*
Underwear: Primark 
Choker: Primark 
Jacket: Zara 
Glasses: Rayban 

It's actually quite handy having a shoe that you can just flick off. 

When I was at secondary school one of our favourite lunchtime games was to see who could fling our Clarks pumps the furthest, which was all fun and games until we started doing it in a Music lesson when we had been left unsupervised for a few minutes, which left us all with a lunchtime detention LOL.

The reason I bring this up is because you can fling these mules FAR. Now, whilst I don't suggest you start playing our little school time game out in public, the adultier pro to this is that you can get your shoes off in a jiffy.

I gained valuable minutes on the sun loungers, extra zzz's in bed and tried on multiple shoes whilst out shopping all because I could just chuck em off. Leaving my sis struggling with her Stan Smith mwahaha.


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  1. These photos are gorgeous and I absolutely love those shoes! I have a few different pairs of mules similar to these, they really are the perfect style right now!


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