Badass By Nature


Don't we all just love to dress badass sometimes?

I like to think of this outfit as Kendall Jenner on the top, Kim Kardashian on the bottom (and rebellious vibes all over).

I've collaborated with Stylewise Direct, who provide everything a trendy woman needs in her wardrobe, from dresses, tops and shoes.

After having a little browse on their site, I decided to show you guys their best new season lace-up items, because, let's face it, no one's over the lace-up trend quite yet. It's just so daaaaamn BAD.

So, let me talk ya through why I'm digging this outfit, so much so that I'd go commando (soz mum).

T-Shirt: Stylewise* 

The re-worked T-shirt 

I am partial to a good rock n roll tee, mostly because I never grew out of being *that* girl with about five Reading Festival bands on her wrist.

The wrist bands may be long gone (even if I did keep them on for years after) but my love for hardcore screamo music (and black band tee's) lives on.

However, this edgy tee is slightly different to the ones I used to wear back in the day. Although we have all cut our tee's in half or created edgy slits in the past, our DIY ways are now all a bit 'been there, done that'.

Love or hate the Kardashian/ Jenner's you have to give it to them, they've given us some good new trends in recent months. The whole lace-up thing, slashed tee's, corset belts. Most of us own them all.

At first when I saw Kendall repping one of these cut-out tee's I was like 'WTF!? that's never going to catch on'. Yet, here I am, a few months on, repping the tee.

DANG the Kardashian effect.

Leggings: Stylewise*


Although my mum probs won't be happy that these leggings call for me to go au naturel, she will be happy at the fact that they have now replaced my leather leggings that are worn AF with holes in. She even tried to replace them with a pair of leather jeans for my birthday, but alas I stuck in my trusty leggings, why?

Although I am fully aware of the faux pas of leggings, nothing can beat their comfort and I am so not about that lyfe of getting tummy ache or having to walk around with my flies down after eating lunch.

So, these leggings give me the stylish lace-up look of the Kardashians, but with the comfort of pyjamas - WIN, WIN.

Orange Eyeshadow? YAAAAS

Now, I'm not really one for beauty trends. However, I am absolutely loving orange eyeshadow at the moment.

I'm really a sucker for anything orange (even, my hair used to be the bright hue). This is most definitely the fault of Hayley Williams from Paramore, who was my biggest style influence throughout my teenage years.

However, in recent months orange eyelids have become a big, big thing and I am all over it. Although, I actually couldn't be bothered to buy a orange eyeshadow, so I'm wearing blusher as eyeshadow - breaking all the rules here. But hey, it works right?

Boots: River Island 
Cape: Vintage 
Belt: Topshop 
Hat: Miss Selfridge 


But shall I tell you what the best thing about dressing like a badass is? It gives you a little added attitude.

For shy little me back in the day, donning a hardcore band tee and black eyeshadow gave me just the right amount of confidence. And although my wardrobe is now undeniably a lot more rainbow than gothic nowadays, rocking my leather jacket and oversized tee often gives me that added boost when my self-esteem is low (and makes me feel that extra bit sassy).

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