Because Everyone Needs A Break Sometimes...


Last month I went on a very last minute petite fly and flop to Abu Dhabi. I'm still trying to figure out which is the best name for my little holibobs, so far I have: 'Sabby in Abu Dhabi', 'Sabudhabi' and 'SabbyDhabbiDoo'.

I didn't exactly go kicking and screaming to the sunny sights of the Middle East, however, I wasn't entirely 100% on-board with the trip. Being a freelancer, taking a week off made me feel guilty, panicky and irresponsible (holiday pay? what's that!?). 

However, one month on I'm only just realising just how important a break can be:


When we first turned up to the Ritz Carlton, which was the most insane hotel I'd ever seen ( FIY, we got on a too-good-to-be-true deal, i'm not some baller lol). We discovered that there were a few *ahem* hidden charges. Including the fact that wifi wasn't included and cost like £8 per day.

Initial thought: F-M-L, followed by internet FOMO heart palpitations. 

However, this actually turned out to the THE best thing ever. Because unless we're truly forced into a situation that makes the Internet a no-no, are we actually gunna stop checking our feeds every 10 minutes? Erm, I think not. 

So, after the initial shock, I fully welcomed the digital detox and it weirdly made me feel empowered and relieved that I didn't need to update my Instagram every few hours. 


'Well DUH', I can hear you exclaiming... just stay with me. 

Firstly, the surroundings were simply stunning and there was nothing I loved more than a 4pm coffee break on the balcony, overlooking the beautiful landscape and architecture whilst zoning out and letting my brain simply drift. 

However, my favourite thing to do on holiday is read.  Because my job involves so much writing, the idea of reading another daaaamn word at the end of the day fills me with dread, which often leads me straight to Netflix for a little R&R. 

The little break renewed my love of a good book and IT. WAS. MARVELLOUS. In fact, now I find it SO much better to rewind and relax then watching the latest episode of Suits (although it is a cracker).


What is it about the sun man?

Waking up to rays streaming through my window gave me a 'get-up-and-go' attitude, put a smile on my face and weirdly gave me a more positive outlook on literally everything in life. 

Although these side effects do wear off shortly after arriving on the drizzling tarmac at T5. It was nice while it lasted.  

Plus, I got some much needed vitamin D, I also tried to tan, but failed (thanks mum and darn amazing red hair).

(and get out of the house)

Although I do leave my humble abode to trek it through London on the reg for meetings, events and work I still spend an embarassing amount of time in my bedroom wearing my trusty dressing down. 

I didn't realise how much I needed to simply GET OUT until I was in Abu Dhabi, fully emerged in a new culture. If anything it made me come to the realisation that I need to push myself to go out, see new sights and kick my everyday comfort zone in the crotch.

It's easy to get in a rut, and although I am a very motivated person, who has never in my two years of being a freelancer had a 'midday nap' or anything remotely lazy. I find it very hard at the end of work to shut down my computer down and justify going out and doing something. However, I've now started to make a conscious effort to get better at this (little by little).

So, if not just for treating myself to the all you can eat buffet (HELLZ YEAH) this is why I discovered a little mini break can sometimes go a long way. And why I should never feel guilty at taking a little time off to refresh and recharge. 


  1. This is so true! Everyone needs a break and a breather sometimes! Xxx

    1. I know right, it's so easy to forget or feel bad about though! Thanks for the comment Hol :) <3 x

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