Don't like driving? You're not the only one...


As someone who gets sent a lot of emails, I very rarely get excited reading a subject line. However, once I'd read only a few words of this email, I screenshot it and put it immediately on our family WhattsApp group with a ton of !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You see, a few things have been said about my driving, mainly:

1. Driving Miss Daisy (I get this A LOT)
[Jeez well, excuse me for actually going the speed limit]

2. "FFS Sabrina, just drive on the f*cking motorway"
[My car can't even overtake a cyclist, let alone take on a dual carriageway. I did it once, it was NOT pretty, I basically reenacted Dionne in Clueless

3. "You just need a better car, then you will be able to drive properly"
[Part with my beloved car!? MAKE ME BITCH]

The fact of the matter is I F*CKING HATE DRIVING. 

Yeah, on the odd occasion I do enjoy driving down the country lanes, radio blaring, windows down in the summer. However, on the whole, I absolutely HATE it.

It makes me feel anxious, stressed out, and basically a nervous mess. And don't get me started on actually parking the damn thing.

However, today I discovered good news: According to Cars On Demand  41% of Millennials don’t enjoy driving.  


Now, I can admit my car is not the easiest...

You see it's a 1995 Toyota, which was imported from Japan so it's all a bit backwards, and by now it's basically a rust bucket on wheels.

In fact, at it's last MOT the nice Mr Car Man told me that in a few years my car may be considered a 'classic', and therefore worth a few bob.

Basically guys, I'm like sitting on a freaking gold mine here (side note: If you actually saw a pic of what many would consider a beaten up piece of sh*t you would sense my sarcasm here).

However, learning to drive I was always more excited about getting the car than I was about the actual skill of driving. You see the car was my nan's and so I spent my childhood being driven to ''adventure's'' in the clunky vehicle.

So, it may have no power steering, but it holds a lot of heart and memories (and that's just how I like it).

So, here are some stats that may surprise you:

  • Only 11% of Millennials say owning a car is important to them
  • 41% of Millennials don’t enjoy driving
  • 12.5% reduction in Millennials holding a license

[Shout out to my twin who is in the 12.5% who STILL CAN'T BLOOMIN' DRIVE.] 

However, thinking about it now I don't think that high percentage of young adults share my irrational fear of driving [DOH], instead I think they mostly just find it a bit of a nuisance. 

Let's face it, we'd much rather av a few pints down the pub and then jump in an Uber, whilst simultaneously scrolling through our Instagram feeds. 

That totally beats being the sober one who gets home to 60 WhattsApp messages as you missed the goss because you were stuck in traffic. 

Amirite? Or Amitire!?

So I can totally see why millennials have said "NAH MATE" to driving. Especially if you do live in a city, where there is plenty of public transport and wifi spots. 

However, on the other hand, the decrease in driving is slightly sad. Back in the day getting a car and being able to drive was seen as the magic key to life. You could go anywhere, do anything.

However, now what do we see as our golden ticket to life? Social media followers. Yep, I'm not making this up. 24% said that having social media followers was the ultimate status symbol, quickly followed by techie gadgets and designer clothes, which yep, you guessed it LEADS TO SOCIAL MEDIA FOLLOWERS. 

I'm normally quite proud to call myself a milennial, however the fact that I'm in a generation who rate their social media followers over owning a car is pretty f*cking S-A-D. 

So, although I'm not the biggest fan of driving, next time I start my engine I'm going to be grateful of the fact that my car can take me anywhere I want to go. And that it is now one of the very few places which gives me time to think away from the distractions of the Internet. 


  1. Love this badas outfit, you gonna play in the next Fast and Furious? haha

  2. hahahha, i just love it when you go on a rant. Every single time i come here, I know you'll slay it. Obviously with the looks and all, but those words. They made me chuckle every time. At least you got a car, even if it is a hand-me-down. With loads of heart. I don't even want to keep a car. I don't know where to go in it, truthfully. #LOL. Okay bye. :D

  3. Aw thank you so, so, so much! You're comment just made my day! <3
    Hope you continue to like my content :)
    Love, Sabs x

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