The Instagram 'Strip Off' Season Is Coming: Let's Av A Chat About It


Cos ya'll, did you really go on holiday if you didn't take a swimwear snap for the gram?

According to 80% of Instagram bio's a ton of bloggers are about to head to some sunny climate (from what I see, mostly LA) for the start of summer.

This means our Insta feeds are about to be filled with flawless tanned skin, enviable abs and all round 'bikini bod goals'.

Most of us will screenshot these aspiring images, or put it in that handy little new pinned section to use it as our fitspiration or summer body goals, or whatever else you want to call it. However, often we can get fixated on these images and make ourself feel bad via comparison.

First, let me start by saying often things on the Internet are highly edited, just like any magazine image. It's not really real life.

You see there's a handy little app called Facetune, which allows you to airbrush your skin to make it look flawless [yes, you can go OTT with this, see Melania Trump's official portrait for side effects]. However, it also allows you to alter your body with a lil' nip n tuck, which we have all seen celebs do very badly - hello wonky wall.

Things arn't as perfect as they seem.

Secondly, it's true that you always want what you can't have. Curly or straight hair? Tits vs no tits? It's just wired into our DNA to want something else GAD DAMN IT.

We are all beautiful, it may just be that some people are better at seeing that than others (* cough cough* especially ourselves).

So, next time you look at a Insta snap and think "OMG I WANT TO LOOK LIKE THAT", I guarantee someone else is probably doing the same at your snap. So, give yourself a break, and instead of trying to change yourself (which is not needed), start to become comfortable and confident in your own skin. I know, I know easier said that done but take baby steps, every little counts.

Now, I'm not gunna sit here and be a hypocrite - truthfully, i've learn't all this from my own experiences and mistakes.

I used to spend hours in the gym and on a strict eating regime obsessed with getting *that* perfect body. Did I ever achieve it? NOPE.

Why? For starters I was comparing myself to unattainable, unrealistic images.

And secondly it's just not in my DNA to look that way. My body type is never going to look like a supermodels, because I'm not 5'10' and unless I'm born again as a love child of and Ryan Gosling and Kate Moss IT JUST AIN'T GUNNA HAPPEN.

Recently I have grown to really accept my body (side note: I think this also comes with age!) However, I think it's also because currently I have been able to eat whatever da fuuuck I want, do no exercise and still not put on a pound.

At first I was like HALLELUJAH!!!! MIRACLES DO HAPPEN!!!!!

 However, turns out this change may in fact be down to a health issue, and if so I would 17623567624561573421634% prefer those few extra pounds to a life changing health problem. Nothing like a health scare to put things in perspective DOH. How sad is that!?

Bikini: Urban Outfitters (similar here)

 So, this summer let's all just remember that you only get one body and to try and love it the best we can. Because in reality, what does it matter what it looks like on the outside if it ain't healthy on the inside.

Oh and lastly, my top tip: BREATHE IN. Trust me, everyone's doing it.

*These images have not been airbrushed, Photoshopped or Facetuned in any way, but have had a filter thrown on for your viewing pleasure. Mainly cos my sister took them and they were overexposed AF (soz Lou, love you).

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