Want some denim with that denim?


Britney is that you!? Yes, I am aware that I look like Britney Spears at the 2001 MTV Awards. Where's my JT at tho?

In case you haven't noticed from my years on the blogosphere I LOVE ALL DA DENIM [see exhibit A]. 

I am no stranger to wearing double, triple and now quadruple denim. Yes, I really went there.  

Although this outfit may just look like a ton of denim chucked together it actually has three elements: 'hoochie mama', 'skater boy' and '2017 sass'. 


Over the knee denim boots? Check. Lace up corset? Check. OTT bling bling? Check, check.

 I SO badly wanted a vintage Dior bag (complete with rhinestone) to finish off this ensemble, but some mother chucker outbid me with seconds to spare on eBay - it was a sad time.

However, I did buy this denim corset off eBay for the grand total of £2.99 YAAAS QUEEN.

Basically, if it ain't tacky, I ain't happy.


Right, who spotted the skater chain? 

"Wait, what!?" is what I exclaimed when I was avin a scroll through ASOS and saw that skater boy jeans, complete with their chains are back. Unleash my inner Avril Lavigne? Don't need to ask me twice.

In fact, I was so onboard with it I bought myself a brand spanking new skater chain, which I have literally been wearing non-stop on jeans, skirts, as a necklace - it just WERKS. 


In fact, most of the items I'm wearing which originated in the 90s are on-point this season.

Tinted Sunglasses ✔️ 
Yes, I'm looking at you Bella Hadid

Denim Details ✔️ 
Our denim tingz are getting hella sassy this season. From XXL rips to sequins, gems and skater boy chains - things are lookin' extra. 

Corset Trend ✔️  
Yep, it's still a thing (*inserts eye roll*)

Diamante Tackiness ✔️  
I don't know why it's a thing, but everything from chokers to fishnets now come with a bit of bling and I am LOVIN' IT

Massive shout out to Comb for shooting these pics for me 
Denim Corset Top: eBay (similar here)
Denim Jacket: Vintage (similar here)
Denim Skirt: Similar here
Denim Boots: Ego Official *
Glasses: Similar here
Choker: Similar here


  1. Woow! blue looks good on you, i like your photos very beautiful. Thanks for sharing


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