Here's what not to do if you visit Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque


Trust me when I say there's not a lot to do in Abu Dhabi, it's considered the more chill version of Dubai, and I can see why.

My twin and I found ourselves in the Middle Eastern country after she persuaded me to take a week off work for a 'fly and flop'. Having never heard that saying before I looked at her with a 'WTF!?' expression. However, she quickly did hand and body movements that acted out a plane and then lying flat on a sun lounger, and I got the picture.

[On a side note: I unfortunately now can't say 'fly and flop' without doing the twattish movements, a bit like when you ask for the bill in a restaurant - so thanks for that sis]

So there I was, with my easy reading romance books ready to get some rays. However, as we pulled up to our hotel we saw/ couldn't miss the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque directly opposite, and it was stunning.

So, on our second day we went on a little adventure [aka 3 min taxi ride] to the mosque.

We were prepared for the dress code and both went completely covered, however we were instructed to also put on a blue robe, which made us look like a blue blob - stylish. SO not channelling Carrie Bradshaw in Sex In The City 2 vibes I had in mind.

However, s'all good - a bit of research has revealed even Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid had to don the blue blob when they visited the mosque back in 2015.

The outside of the mosque is sublime and mahooosive - in fact it's one of the largest mosques in the world. Although you may think it's been there for centuries it's actually fairly new and was constructed from 1996-2007.

It's also made up of mostly natural materials such as marble, stone, gold and crystals - basically, only the good stuff. And materials were used from all over the world including India, New Zealand, Germany, Italy, England - you name it.

So, that's all the boring stuff.

Now let's av a chat about the controversial things celebs have done there... because that's a lot more fun to read about.

Selena Gomez had to take an Instagram snap down after she posted a pic of her flashing her ankle in the mosque, which was considered disrespectful.

Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Cody Simpson were all on the same trip and also infuriated peeps on the Internet for posting a group picture featuring a few poses including the peace sign and rap squat - it did not go down well.

However, Badgal RiRi beats them all as she was asked to leave the premises in 2013 after doing an actual photoshoot around the mosque. It included a few poses where she sat and then proceeded to lie on the floor, which was labelled out of keeping with the 'sanctity' of the holy site. Probs not the best idea Ri.

In fact, we saw people trying to simply stand where she had sat and it was a no-go, a man on a wheely chair quickly sped towards you. Hell, I got told off like 5165367235 times for a strand of hair that kept flying out of my hood. FYI, it was windy.

Meanwhile, Paris Hilton's visit in 2016 was low-key as she didn't show any skin (for once). She did however still wear her signature bug-eyed sunglasses.

However, my FAVE visit is that of our very own Queenie in 2010. Oh please google, the images of her walking bare foot in her stockings in an outfit that looks like she's about to take off on a magic carpet at any moment is PURE GOLD.

So, after our mosque tour I made my sis take a few snaps of my hella cute outfit outside the gates because it was a cuuuuuute outfit.

However, we quickly discovered that when not wearing a head scarf we got rather a lot of attention.

Two blonde identical twins? We were literally the UAE's answer to Mary-Kate and Ashley and after taking these snaps had acquired quite a queue of tourists wanting photo's with us - #MADEIT.

So, this was one of our cultured trips out of the hotel, we also went to a souk and a shopping mall called 'Yas Mall'. Needless to say we were calling it the YAAAAAAAS MALL all holiday.

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