20 rainbow buys that will get you SO ready for summer


Because nothing says 'summer' quite like being dressed like a pack of skittles....

No matter how ALL BLACK EVERYTHING your winter wardrobe is we all like to brighten things up in the hotter months.

If not for style reasons, then for the fact that wearing black in the summer is very, very hot and sweaty.

My go to piece when the sun does decide to finally come out is this body, which I got from Topshop last year.

I pretty much bought it on a whim right before a trip to LA, but now I can hand-on-heart say it is one of the best things I've ever bought (*taps adult self on the back*).

Now, I am aware we've had hot weather in the UK this week, but as you've probably guessed from the boats and glittering sea, these pics were not taken anywhere near our boarders. I was actually in Croatia, (Pula to be more precise) on a press trip last week.

However, ever since I stepped foot off the plane it's been a mixture of HELLA HOT, torrential downpours and lightening... erm okay, so this weather is officially more confusing than being in the friend zone!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! (and girls, we all know THAT IS AN EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER).

But hey, I kinda like the unpredictable weather, it's not as bad as the nervous anticipation of waiting for a text back. Hint: It was 2015, he never text back.

Injecting a little rainbow into your wardrobe is the perfect way to get you feeling sassy and summer ready. 

From colourful pom pom bags, to rainbow vans and my personal fave, striped swimsuits (that are very similar to this body) by my faves Lazy Oaf and Mara Hoffman.

Here are 20 magical items to to lust/ drool over, and if you hurry you can get 20% off these ASOS buys with the code 'SWEET' - ends 8am tomorrow.

Simply click on the image below and add it to yo basket. 


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