Denim skirt + slogan tee combo's you need in your life


A classic denim skirt and sassy slogan tee is a girls summer staple.

There's no question about it, whacking on the simple (yet stylish) combo is WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER every dayumn time.

This season, the addition of fishnets is also advisable, which I'm totes up for. I've even upgraded my normal fishnets to a larger scale and have ones with diamontes on for when I'm feeling like a party party.

Skirt: Bershka

The Denim Skirt

Every year there is always one 'it' denim skirt style. Last year it was the A-line skirt with buttons down the front (come on girls, we all had it).

However, this year the must-have style is more of a vintage look, with distressed bleached denim in a classic cut becoming everyone's firm favourite.

The skirt immediately gives any tee a edgy and effortless retro vibe, and means you can literally throw on any tee/ shoe combo and it will look UH-MAZING.

Also, if you want a more jazzy style, forget about embroidery. Skirts are now being decked out with pearls, studs, ruffles, frayed edges and contrasting denim panels. SO 2K17.

The Statement Tee

Every season I treat myself to a new fun tee, mainly because I just can't bloody resist.

Although my T-shirt draws (yes plural) are now overflowing I could not leave this Bershka tee in the shop.

Why? Well, firstly it was only £4.99!

Secondly, the front boasts a red phone number with '(missed call)' underneath. It's more chic than my usual tongue and cheek tee's but it's still eye-catching and cool, so I thought I'd give simplicity a go.

It was only when I got to the till and they turned it round that I saw the bold red writing on the back stating, "EXISTENTIAL EMERGENCIES ONLY."

This made me chuckle, not only because of the phrase but also because I had even gone and tried it on in the changing rooms and still hadn't even noticed. IDIOT.

So, without further ado here are my top skirt/tee picks. 
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  1. Haha! I'm forever buying things without realising they have stuff written on the back of them! You look bloody fabulous gal! xxx

    1. haha good to know I'm not the only one :P why thanks guuuurl! <3 xxx

  2. Absolutely love these photos, you look amazing! Denim skirts and slogan tee's is the perfect combo x

    1. Thanks so much Emma! <3
      I'm trying to restrain myself from buying ALL DA SLOGAN T-SHIRTS :P

  3. these photos are so good, and i love the outfit! <3


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