How to get up and at 'em when you're feeling lazy AF


It's coming up to summer, so we're all getting a little more active, amirite or amitite?

Now, I don't necessarily mean 'active' as in doing exercise, I literally just mean we all try and get out more, do more things in the sunshine and yes, sometimes attempt to get that summer bod back.

I've had a little help this year from JD sports, who have got me sorted for my summer outings by kitting me out with a brand spanking new pair of Nike, and lifestyle wear from the new Pink Soda Sports collection.

[Side note: If I look uncomfortable in the tree, it's because I was. Not a fan of heights, even small ones.]

Let's face it, it's not all that easy to get yourself up off your arse and out into the open air. However, over the years I've discovered a few things are imperative to getting me up and at 'em.

1. A killer playlist, I'm talking KILLER

If I am finding it really hard to stop clicking next on Netflix I start the play some TUNES.

Spotify is really great (and easy) to create a gym or car playlist of your own, or just use one of theirs. On mine I have everything from Drake, Paramore, a bit of Craig David thrown in there and Jack U. Whatever is gunna get you PUMPED and leaving your comfy bed.

Trainers: Nike Air Mix*

2. A QUALITY pair of kicks 

Quickly whacking on a pair of trainers is another way of getting me out the house ASAP rocky. Firstly, because I know it will be like walking on a cloud and I ain't got time for uncomfy footwear.

And secondly because they are suitably stylish for any event. A new pair of Nike are a must-have for a casj Sunday brunch, exploring a city, running errands or basically just living life.

As my fresh new pair of kicks I opted for Nike Airmax, which are a lot more elevated than my usual Nike Rosche (I'm not gunna lie I have face-planted a few times, but I'm getting there).

Jumper: Pink Soda*
Joggers: Pink Soda* 

3. A CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE (and comfy) outfit 

The main thing that stops me from going outside is the thought of having to get dressed. Because I work from home I have become very used to living in pyjamas and trackies. Therefore, I find it very difficult to wear anything less comfy than a dressing gown, eg, tight clothes, can't work them, they make me feel like a saveloy sausage.

So, I was very thankful to get my hands on this new Pink Soda set. I was totes feelin' myself in the trackies, I absolutely love the elasticated detail and inside they're so fluffy and comfy. Plus, praise to Pink Soda who have cottoned on to the fact that most girls are forever cropping their jumpers, so have already done that for me.

Basically, I have literally lived in this outfit for like two weeks now (obvs with a brief stint in the wash) for work, brunch, shopping, walk around a bluebell woods, you name it. Can't stop, won't stop.

Finally, I will end this post with images of me attempting fitness because, duh, that's what Nike are for. I went on a ''run'' for about the first time in a year. I now know why I was always the last one to be picked for the rounders team in PE... 


  1. I love your blog! I totally agree with you about the sun, I want to exercise outside but sometimes need the extra push to do it. Love the track suit. Thanks for the tips!

  2. You look so 90s here gal, I love it!

    Maria x


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