The Gingham Skirt


Gingham: AKA the biggest summer style staple of 2017.

Not only is the picnic blanket print everywhere this season, but it's also had a bit of a modern makeover.

It's no longer just simple checked tea dresses taking over the shops when the hot weather hits (and right now we're talking HAAAT).

Now, our fave summer checks come in a variety of colours and styles (and with some added sassy details - RUFFLES COME AT ME). 

The quote Joey Tribbiani "what's not to like?" 

When I first went summer shopping I was all up for purchasing a gingham dress, however I quickly discovered that it just made me look like a milk maid. Furthermore, I could put my hair in plaits and stroll straight into a school assembly without anyone doing a double take. Considering I already have the awkward task of correcting people on my age (no, I am not revising for my A-levels right now) I thought I'd give that one a miss.

Gingham can also be quite girly. And I am by no means a girly girl. 

Therefore, I decided that a pop of the feminine print in the form of a skirt would be the perfect match for me. I could then pair it with with a band or vintage tee, and some good ole stomper boots to toughen up the look.

Shall I tell you the other thing that was discouraging me from investing in the gingham trend? The price. If y'all think I'm gunna spend £40 on a short piece of picnic blanket you are wrong.

I finally came across this uh-mazing gingham mini skirt with ruffle detail from Missy Empire for £19  - SOLD - WHAT a bloody bargain.

Boots: River Island 
Tee: Vintage 
Choker: Primark 

Ever since I've had this baby in my life I've been wearing it pretty much non-stop. I just chuck on any old tee and my buckle boots or Dr Martens and I'm outta there.

Dare I admit it, I'm actually rather enjoying the girlie vibe. Plus, it's a well needed change as nearly everything I ever wear on my bottom half is denim, denim, denim and yep you guessed it, more denim.

So, if like me you want to give the gingham trend a go but not spend a small fortune scroll down and I have compiled all the best gingham skirts that won't break the bank.



  1. I love this skirt, i have to receive mine from Pull&Bear! I can't wait ^^

  2. Brilliant! That skirt looks great one you!


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