Day to Night: Gucci Dupe Tee For A Tenner


So by now *that* Gucci tee is pretty much ICONIC. The only downside is that it will set you back an eye-watering £320.

Yes, that's £320 smackers just for a T-shirt. I. CANT. EVEN.

However, the coveted tee has become the must-have item of 2017 and myself (just like everyone else) is fully obsessed with the Gucci aesthetic atm. So, I set out on a mission to discover a Gucci tee dupe for as cheap as poss. 

Spoiler alert: I SUCEEDED! In fact, I bossed it (even if I do say so myself). 

I found this rather fitting 'Iconic' tee on Pretty Little Thing for a tenner. BLOODY BARGAIN.

I love it so much that I have worn it both for a casual day look and for a sassy evening out. 

Day Look

I'm not even going to lie about it, this outfit was totally inspired by Spice World and I have no regrets. 

Apart from the fact that these cargo trousers are a bit too hot in this ever changing summer weather I don't care - I'm fully obsessed.

 I picked these babies up from a vintage shop for £15 last year but wasn't sure if I'd ever have the balls to whack them out. Oh plus, they are pretty mahooosive on me. However, all those years of ecommerce modelling has taught me all about clipping clothes, so yeah, these were sneakily held together at the back by a red food storage clip. Classy Sabs.

Night Look

Now unfortunately the top had already sold out in a medium, which is my usual go to size for my indecisive self. So, I was left with the choice of small or large. 

I went big, after all, go big or go home. At first I was like 'that was a big mistake. Huge' as I got it out of its packaging. 

However, then I had the magical thought that I could also wear it as a T-shirt dress. And who doesn't love a tee dress!?

In the PLT sale I had also picked myself up some red fishnets. Why? I have absolutely no idea but online shopping can be dangerous sometimes. So, my bank balance was lucky that I only added a pair of £2 tights to my basket, meanwhile saving about £200 worth of stuff to my wish list. 



  1. Nice style ! :))

  2. Holy ducking shit, you look INCREDIBLE.

    These looks are sooooo good Sab xxxx

  3. This outfit is amazing(and crazy expensive)! :D

  4. You look great! Those metallic boots are the bomb!

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  6. Such a adorable clicks dude..


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