🔥 Orange Eyeshadow And Statement Earrings 🔥


Now, I’m not really a beauty kinda person but at the moment I’ll happily get up 10 mins earlier to do myself some sassy orange eyeshadow. 

Hell, I’ve even gone triple whammy and paired it with a little eyeliner flick and a lashing of 90s coloured mascara. 

It's now my go to summer look, accessorising with a killer pair of statement earrings to match and its a winner winner chicken dinner. 

It’s no secret that in recent months orange eyeshadow has become a must. However, man, did I struggle to find a good one that A. actually has pigment, and B. wasn’t some designer one that was overpriced AF. 

Finally, after months of fails I finally discovered 3INA and their £6.95 orange eyeshadow - WHAT a game changer. 

I was finally on that orange eyeshadow hype, and it was true what they said back in 2007:

 “the futures bright, the futures orange”

 Whilst having a little gander on the 3INA site I also stumbled upon coloured mascara. Yes guys, coloured freaking mascara!!!!!!!!!!

The 90s nostalgia came flooding back, so I opted for a pink one because I thought it would compliment my new obsession with orange eyes and guys, I’m pretty much obsessed. 

In fact it’s a struggle not to whack the statement mascara out every chance I get, however, unfortunately some situations in life just aren’t pink mascara appropes. ðŸ˜­ðŸ˜­ðŸ˜­ðŸ˜­

Products used:

If you also want to up your orange eyeshadow game you can get 20% off at 3INA using the code: SABRINA20 (expires July 31st JSYK).

Also quick note about the lip looooook... 

I have received so many compliments about this deep berry colour over the last few weeks, but it’s actually two matte lipsticks over each other. 

I used PS PRO (Primark) ‘ Kiss Proof Liquid Matte Lipstick’ in shade ’01 Nude In Private’ - yep that is its actual name, good luck asking the shop assistant to help you find it haha. 

I then wanted a metallic shine as I LUURRRVE a metallic lip atm. For this I used Sleek’s ‘Matte Me Metallic Lip Cream’ in ‘Volcanic’ and I can’t big up these metallic lip glosses enough. 

 Lastly, a massive accessories trend to hit the scene this summer has been statement earrings. And although I have admired the trend from afar I haven’t actually partaken in the trend for the simple reason that I only have one ear pieced. 

“AYE!?” I hear you say, isn’t that just what hipster guys do? 

Well yes, however, thanks to me being a premature baby, only weighing 1 pound 3 ounces I was in fact very lucky that all of my body parts have fully developed apart from one ear lobe, which not even easy-going Claire’s Accessories would pierce. 

So, that left me no choice but to go to the retro 70s trend of clip of earrings AKA, THE most uncomfortable things in the world. 

Plus, very hard to find, however as luck had it I found a kids Princess jewellery set in my bedroom when I was moving house, which I vaguely remember buying in Poundland (LOLZ, adult life is going so well for me). 

So, these plastic (yet kinda pretty) pieces of sh*t on my ears are that humble one quid pair. 



  1. I love it ! You have a studio at your home?

  2. In love with this Sabs! You look phenomenal - obsessed with this entire post! xxx

  3. You look amazing! Thanks for sharing!

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