A Millennial's Guide To Sydney (*Instagrammable places included)


Lets have a little brainstorm of what your expectations would be if you were going to Sydney:

-Scorching hot weather
-Fit surfer boys
-Wearing all the cute bikinis that you could finally justify buying off ASOS
-Beach BBQ's (again, with fit men who totes look like they've sauntered straight out of Baywatch)
-And finally, a frantic google search for, 'can Koala's really can give you chlamydia?'

(I googled. They can.)

For starters, I went to Australia in their winter time, so those top three were out of the equation... I did however still have the Koala sitch to worry about. 

I'm not going to lie, I was a bit downbeat about the fact that I was going to the other side of the world, spending a full 22 hours on a plane and there weren't going to be any fit topless men. PLUS, I wasn't going to be coming back with a enviable tan either - WHY DOES THE WORLD HATE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

However, upon arrival the city of Sydney managed to turn my frown upside down. 

Firstly because their winter weather isn't actually what us Brits would class as 'winter'. Their colder climate is basically a good British summers day. And secondly, because we managed to jam pack our days with fun things to do, cool places to eat and obvs a lot of day drinking.  

So, if you are thinking of just popping across the pond here are my top picks: 

The Rocks 

The Rocks is a cute, cobbled and enchanting area in the heart of Sydney, which ended up being one of our favourite places to shop and eat over our time there, some of our fave haunts were:

La Renaissance

Grab a morning coffee and croissant at La Renaissance, with plenty of seating outside it was a popular place as it meant you could get your caffeine hit, whilst also soaking up some rays. 

The Tea Cosy 

 Afternoon tea anyone? 

If you are missing your home comforts head straight to The Tea Cosy. Unfortunately, I missed out on actually going inside this little gem as we were short on time. 

However, a cheeky walk past when the cafe was in full swing and I spotted knitted tea cosies and blankets adorn each table to accompany their selection of scones, tea and all the other good British stuff. My FOMO was inconsolable. 

Zia Pina Pizzeria

Pizza is a huge part of my diet, therefore I was determined to find a pizza place on the other side of the world. 

Look no further than Zia Pina, the teeniest, tiniest Pizzeria I ever did see. Whilst chowing down on a slice you do kind of feel like you should be in a movie based in New York about two lovers whose paths cross. It's that kinda vibe, but cosy none the less and fab for a quick bite with added atmos. 

The Rocks Market 

Now, this brings us onto the main event, The Rocks Market, which happens every weekend and I cannot recommend it enough - GET YO ASS DOWN THERE. 

We did a few markets on the Saturday and none of them even came close to our beloved Rocks. 

From all the touristy things you could ever want, to handmade jewellery, cute cards and obvs I even found a rainbow bagel stand. BEST. DAY. EVAR. 

Toronga Zoo

Searching for a fun day out? Look no further than Toronga Zoo. To be honest just getting there is a adventure as you have to go on a ferry and then take a cable car up to the zoo.

And if you're in Australia you obvs can't go away with seeing a Kangaroo, Platypus or a (not so) cuddly Koala. 

If you get there early (lol we didn't) you can pay for a pic with a Koala, but to be honest its not really needed as some of the enclosures allow you to quite literally walk around with Kangaroos hopping by your side, which some *cough* me found a little too close for comfort. 

Tip: If you want to make your day extra fun make your first stop the gift shop and buy yourself some animal ears. It then feels like a day at Disneyland. 

Oh and also watch out for the random turkeys that roam free and scare the sh*t out of all the tourists. It's bare funny until one scares the absolute shit out of you.

Museum Of Contemporary Art Australia

If you want to feel really cultured hit up the Museum Of Contemporary Art, which has a ton of free exhibitions that are nice to wonder through if you have a free afternoon.

However, I'm not going to lie the main reason we went there was because the cafe/restaurant at the top is well known for being a epic rooftop bar with excellent views of the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. So, be sure to go up there for drinkies and a spot of lunch!

Opera House Bar

My suggestion would be to sack off the Opera House during peak tourist daytime and instead hit up the iconic landmark at night. 

The Opera House Bar is where it's at with all the evening vibes, live music, buzzy atmos and all the alcohol beverages you could want (as well as food if needed).

Continuing with the party vibes, due to Sydneys lockout laws most of the clubs have been shut down, so now only two remain in the city. 

However, did that stop us going on a night out out - no, it did not. 

Hit up The Ivy, which is the most insane club I've ever stepped foot in - it may be lacking people (Sydney is bizarrely quiet). However, it has numerous different floors and even a pool on the roof. I literally felt like I was in a movie - and it was definitely a far cry away from my usual night at Revs. 

Or, if you are more of a bar with music and extra mojo kinda person hit up The Argyle in the centre of town. It's filled with Instagrammable corners, pumping music and neon lights. Plus, they also do a happy hour of $5 glasses of prosecco. That's like £2.50 per glass. You're welcome. 


Now every holiday needs a beach day, coupled with some day drinking - am I right? 

You can't go to Sydney without visiting the much talked about Bondi Beach, however tell to uber to keep on driving and drop you off at Bronte Beach. It's then a 20/30ish coastal walk to Bondi and it is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. 

It's also hard freaking work (especially for those of us who haven't worked out in a few years). So, as you almost hit the end destination stop off at Icebergs, a stunning restaurant/ bar with views overlooking the sea (and fit surfer men). Needless to say we happily stayed there for a few glasses of Rosé. 

Luna Park

Okay, those of you who have seen Mary-Kate and Ashley's epic film 'Our Lips Are Sealed' you will recognise Luna Park. You know, that place they went on a fun fairground date with those two hella cute bleach blonde surfer boys. Yeah, that one. 

The park itself is...well....shit. Absolute shite. However, its well worth a visit for a dash of nostalgia and maybe a kids ride or two. Also if you are a blogger and can actually be arsed (unlike myself) you would have great fun shooting in their rainbow land. 

Also shout out to the guy who posed up a storm with me...

The Boathouse 

Another destination on your tour of Sydney is normally Manly Beach. However, once you've had a gander there I strongly suggest you walk to short way to Shelly Beach. 

There you will find the very Instagrammable Boathouse. We plonked ourselves down, ordered a bottle of Prosecco and had the best time ever. 

I also tried my first ever oyster, which I then washed down with yet more prosecco which then made the idea of stripping down to my undies at the incredibly beautiful beach a few feet away a good idea. 

I had a whale of a time, my mum and sister watching in disgrace however did not. 


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