Let's get real: Let's chat fashion fakes


Guys, let's get real for a moment, let's av a little chat about fashion fakes. 

Firstly, in 2017, if you don’t own a Gucci handbag, are you even a fashion blogger? 

Our Instagram feeds are filled with lustworthy designer products that people our own age have been able to attain, leaving us all wondering:

A. How the actual fuck did she afford that AND London rent!?

B. What am I doing wrong with my life (minus the obvious)?

C. How hard would it be to rob a bank?

More importantly, seeing all these aspirational images leave us feeling pretty fucking sh*t about ourselves, I mean, I can’t even afford a Pret rn, let alone a Prada.

Now, before I start on my next point I would firstly like to say that a lot of people and bloggers in particular work bloody hard and forfeit a lot to save for those coveted designer items. And tell ya what? GOOD ON THEM. They wanted it, they worked hard and they get it. RESPECT. 

However, recently as I ogled one of my blogger friends Gucci bag, I just had to ask, “how did you afford this?” 

Her response, “Mate, do you actually think I could afford this? It’s fake.”

A wave of relief came over me. 

And just like that, all those thoughts of self-doubt, and beating myself up over for not being able to afford a £1,000 bag disappeared. 

So, I went home and did a lil’ research... 

Firstly, is buying a fake bag illegal? 

A quick google search will show this: 

"It is against the law to sell counterfeit goods but it is not against the law to UNKNOWINGLY buy or be in possession of such goods."


Then I read the fine print…

"If you knowingly buy counterfeit goods then yes that is illegal." 


[*whispers* FUCK DA POPOOOOO!]

A little more investigation and I discovered that actually a considerable number of bloggers designer bags/ tees/ belts were fake.  

Now that I knew fakes existed, this came as no big surprise.  After all, as I said at the beginning Gucci and other designer items have become a must-have, which means people don’t care if it's real or not, they just want to have those good ‘gram aesthetics.

Secondly, millennials are not dumb. We all know about sites selling cheap dupes such as Aliexpress, DHGate, SheIn, Romwe. Or, if you want to be a little more legit - eBay.

And in all honesty what's the difference between buying something that looks like a dupe from a high-street store or off Aliexpress? Like, really. 

So, from my standpoint I do not have a problem with people buying fake items (*cough* you can buy this tee off eBay for £3.99).

However, what I think girls on the ‘gram need to get better at is transparency. Parading around or flaunting a fake item as real because you want to uphold an aspirational lifestyle and image is wrong. 

You're spreading an unrealistic expectation to thousand of girls on the Internet. As if unrealistic body image and Facetuned skin wasn't enough, now 15-year-old girls (hell even 20-summin year old woman like myself) have gotta feel bad because they can't afford that Gucci tee. 

Look, I’m not saying that if it's not real you have to walk around with a sign pointing to you saying, “THIS IS A FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!”. 

By all means if you’re out and about walking through the streets of London enjoy the satisfaction of seeing people stare at your ‘it’ designer item with envy. Meanwhile, your feeling slightly smug at all the dollar you saved and hoping they can't see the 'Fruit Of The Loom' label in the back. 

However, when it comes to followers and friends please, don’t try and pass it off as something it's not. 

Lastly, some people are embarrassed about their fake designer items and the stigma attached to it, but I'm gunna put a stop to that right this second. 

Remember this: buying a fake item off the internet, or purchasing a high-street dupe is basically the same thing. Buying it off the high-street just means you have a middle man. 

As for others opinion: If you tell the truth from the beginning people are usually very accepting and really don't give two f*cks that it's fake. It's when you lie and get caught, which lands you in hot water. 

Trust me, if you're honest from the beginning you're less likely to be laughed at, and much more likely to be asked, “OMG NO WAY! Can you send me the link!?”


Ps.  If I go to prison for this post tell my mum I’m sorry and to use the selfie with the most number of likes as my mugshot - cheers. 

[Side note: These first two very profesh looking images are by Moeez Ali, the rest are a mixture taken by my sis in Sydney and blogger babe Zoe Dubbs at LFW - team work guys, team work.]


  1. I totally agree that telling the truth from the start makes people more accepting or understanding - even when it comes to Gucci dupes haha!

    Great post my love xxx

    1. Hehe thanks Hol!! :P
      Hope to see your beautiful face sometime soooooon!!

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