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You would think that Autumn/ Winter is the time to retire your mini skirts to the back of your wardrobe - well, not this year babes. 

Get them thick fleecy tights out, or prepare to freeze your calves off as A/W 2017 is looking skirt game strong. I'm talking STRONG!

Don't believe me? Just have a little scroll through my fave new season picks:

We've been treated to flames, metallics, denim details and my personal favourite, dazzling rhinestone mesh. 

[Side note: The rhinestone skirt (slide 3) is from Topshop and the picture does not do it justice. I tried it on and OH MY DAYS it's BLINDING, and therefore very high up on my wish list rn.]

However, to get the ball rolling on my Autumn wardrobe I thought I'd start off a little more low-key with this camouflage number, which  was only £12 from Missguided (FYI the diamanté top was only 12 quid too).

This camo mesh skirt immediately reminded me of the outfit Posh Spice wore in Spice World to complete the military workout. Inappropriate? Totally, yet also incredibly cool.

In fact, delve into Missguided a little further and you find a whole array of Spice Girl appropes military gear:

It's taking everything in me right now not to buy the cargo trousers and fluffy cropped camo jacket - together it would just look SO LIT 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥. 

Although it's not that much of a surprise that camouflage and 90s vibes are back in abundance, the return of bumbags however, has everyone per-fucking-plexed. 

I shouldn't of been that taken aback, as the streetstyle and shows at LFWM way back in June was basically one big bumbag orgy. 

Not to mention my most recent experience at Reading Festival where everyone was rocking the strap on style - in fact, I'm pretty sure Britain must have been completely sold-out.

So, on top of the sassy skirts, camo print and bumbags, my hands down favourite AW17 trend is anything and everything that has a bit of bling bling. 

Once those diamanté chokers hit the scene there was no going back, and you can now get bling emblazoned tops, skirts, jeans, jackets - basically guys, this season our clothes are gunna GLOW more than a high-vis jacket, and I CANNOT wait. 

In fact, (if you can't tell already) all these trends together are making me feel Salem the cat sassy. 

So guys, although the evenings may be getting darker, and the weather, well, the weather has already gone to sh*t, I mean this is Britain after all. At least we have the AW17 trends to look forward too.

And me? Well, sorry old Sabrina can't come to the phone right now. Why? Because she's dead. 




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