Unitards are seriously underrated


Yes, I'm wearing a unitard....

And yes, I'm LOVIN' IT.

The half catsuit, half playsuit has caused quite a stir on the fashion scene in recent months, and in case you missed it, let me give you a little bit of history... 

First off, we all laughed under our breaths, and thought 'LOL WTF' when Kanye West featured a whole array of nude, brown and just generally shit coloured unitards in his Yeezy Season 4 show. 

(If you're thinking 'what season was that?" because, lets face it, all of his collections kinda look the same. It was the one where all the models were either dropping dropping like flies, or looking like they were attempting to walk a slip 'n' slide in their plastic shoes.)

Fair to say the unitards may have slid under my radar because of my extreme anxiety for the health and safety of every single girl there. 

However, if I had noticed them at the time I'm pretty sure my reaction still would of been the same:

 "No. Hell no. Oh hell naaaaah!!!!!!!"

However, celebs including Kim K (probs dressed by Kanye) and K Stew have both pulled off unitards this year. 

Kim K by making it a must-have streetstyle item, and K Stew  rocking a rather glitzy number on the red carpet. 

I can't say I wasn't intrigued, I was, however I still wasn't onehundo percent convinced. That was until I saw this rainbow beaut on the Motel Rocks website.

 It gave me the push I needed to forget all those images of camel toes that I had stuck in my head, and instead, it gave me the balls to give it a go.

Side note: The side boob also helped. 

As soon as the package arrived, I ripped it open and quickly pulled the all-in-one on, knowing this was either going to go one of two ways. 

As I was about to look in the mirror all my style instincts were telling me that right now I most probably looked like someone who was a cyclist by day, clown by night. 

However, I was wrong and I bloody loved it!

The excited selfie I sent to my sister however was not met with the same enthusiasm, her response: 'WTF is that!? Never wear that when you're out with me - ever.'

A few months passed and I'd still been waiting (and wishing) to whack out the rainbow unitard. 

However, you'd be surprised (or maybe not) to know many friends protested about going out with me dressed like a IRL Jack In The Box. 

My mum's reaction however hit home a little harder, she linked the unitard to the fact that 'I need to make more of myself and my appearance', and finally, throwing in a reminder that I am still very-very-single. SAVAAAAAAGE AF.

And then the day came, no, I did not find a boyfriend (soz mum, pap and every single friend who continues to say, "I just don't understand why you're still single."

Instead it was Day 1 of Reading Festival and IT WASN'T BLOODY RAINING!!! Erm, Britain, you okay Hun? Because as long as I can remember it has PISSED it down the weekend of Reading Fest, but obviously, even the universe wanted the unitard to have a trip out.

So, off I went, with a smile that mimicked my bright yellow Smiley x Palladium boots (which I had also been saving for the occasion) feeling like the happiest girl IN THE HOLE WIDE WORLD. 



  1. love what you did to your eyes + those shades!

    ig: @evansbrenda

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