Instagram, you're really getting on my tits rn


Let me just start by saying this: My mum gets more likes on her third Facebook status of the day (complete with clichΓ© caption) than I seem to be getting on my Instagram right now! 

(For those wondering, yes, my mum does have a lot of friends.)

So, let's just do a little tally - hands up whose had just about enough of Instagram?


Yep, that would be pretty much all of us.

Firstly, I would like to send my thoughts to those whose Insta/Blog/Youtube etc is there full-time job because MAN INSTA SUCKS BALLS ATM. It's literally like someone taking away a key piece of your work equipment and telling you to hit the same targets. It just ain't gunna happen.

However, I myself am just a inbetweeny, who uses the platform as a part hobby, part part-time job. But that doesn't mean it doesn't  hurt when you spend hours of your time and £££££ creating content that you're excited about, that you want to share with people and it's not being seen - like, at all.

When my engagement suddenly dropped I started doing a bit of research as the why the f*ckers down at Instagram HQ had decided to block my content (and no I hadn't put this nipple top up yet, just FYI). 

One of the main reasons for low engagement atm is that you are 'shadowbanned', I could go into explaining this however blogger babe Charlotte from Lurch Hound Loves  has written a super duper post which was tres helpful so go check it out.

Turns out, I wasn't shadowbanned, or at least I don't think so - still not sure if I did it correctly, which simply left me mind f*cked.

However, by this point my heart and motivation for the platform had already been crushed. Leaving me to think, well, what's the point in posting? 

So, I went into a little sulky black whole of half-hearted content, and guess what? Yep, my engagement plummeted even more, taking my followers with it. So, I'm now off the elusive 10k mark, which took me years of hard work, dedication and oh-so much time I could shed a little tear. 

Isn't it just kick you in the crotch, spit on your neck fantastic?!

Instagram is now a vicious circle:

Work hard to create content I love - post it - no one sees it - immediately feel deflated - am unmotivated to create anymore content - then remind myself to f*ck the numbers and to post whatever I want and whatever makes me happy -------------------- and the cycle starts all over again.

However, I am slowly regaining confidence in the 'gram - why? 

Well, I think coming off the 10k mark was actually one of the best things evar! Although I was still pretty sh*t at it I had become obsessed with grid patterns and the best time of the day to post and hashtags, SO MANY HASHTAGS. I even downloaded bloody Facetune - I had completely lost my identity and for that I blame none of the people who have unfollowed me recently.

How I gained those followers in the first place was because I posted witty captions and created tons of creative content (some was weird and wacky AF but still) with brands I absolutely adored such as Local Heroes- man, I love and miss Local Heroes.

I was proud of each and every piece of content I posted, unlike now where I use any old photo in my Dropbox just because an app tells me it's the 'prime time to post' so I panic.

I apologise for my sub-par sh*tty content and would like to say how much I love each and everyone of you have who stuck with me through my utterly awful feed.

 I love you all and now, well, I'm back b*tchesssssss.



  1. Instagram is total crap sometimes!!

    Ps, I love that Friends quote. Literally made my day haha! “ISN’T THAT JUST KICK YOU IN THE CROTCH, SPIT ON YOUR NECK, FANTASTIC?!” haha xxxx

  2. I'm in love with your t-shirt! :)

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