3 badass ways to wear a little black dress


What ever happened to the little black dress?

What once was the most worn item in every girls wardrobe has taken a back seat in recent years as millennial's opt for a more smart casual dress code.

In case we'd all forgotten how magical a petite black dress can be - a slew of celebs (such as Selena Gomez and Hailey Baldwin) have recently been bringing back the classic style, making us all want to buy a new LDB - pronto. 

So, to reaffirm your love of the garment I've created a guide of three ways to wear Nicce's black bodycon dress.  I could of done this for the day, work and evening outfit - but where's the fun in that?

Therefore, I give you  a casual cool look for when you want to give off your best off-duty model vibes. A look for when you’re just hands down feelin’ yo’ self and another for what you would love to be wearing if you ever ran into a ex. What?  IT COULD HAPPEN.

The casual cool look

Beret: eBay
The little black dress shouldn't be shunned to the back of your wardrobe as soon as the weather gets a bit chillier.  It's actually one of the simplest and easiest items to layer things under for a hella cool winter look.

For a Parisian chic vibe add a trusty black polo neck underneath (and obvs accessorize with a beret). 

But ya know me, I like to mix things up a bit and therefore opted for a very on-point checkerboard printed football top from the House Of Holland x Umbro collection, which is GOAAALS.

(pun intended)

The ‘I’m feelin’ myself’ evening outfit 


Need an outfit for that Friday night out with the gals? 


Nothing will make you feel more confident than a little black dress. After all, it’s no secret that black is the most flattering colour on the planet. 

Plus, if you find the right LBD it also has the ability to make you feel ever-so-slightly sexy, am I right? 

What I love about this Nicce number is it’s uber 90s spaghetti straps that go into a low V at the back - basically creating a low key risqué look.

In order to show off the dress in all it’s glory I did something I never ever do - I put my hair up in a equally 90s high ponytail, accessorized with some diamanté jewels and felt like a million dollars.

It also took me the grand total of 5 mins to get ready - bonus!

The outfit you’d want to wear to run into your ex 

Boots: Primark

We’ve all done it, thought about what outfit we’d want to be wearing if we ever ran into a ex.

The outfit has to be part sexy to make them question why they ever let you go, yet also ever-so-glamorous to just confirm that you.are.totally.bossing.life.right.now.

So, I think I may have come up with the perfect combo - a sassy lil' black dress with a massive f*ck off faux fur coat that makes you unmissable. 

Obvs, I added hair extensions and sunglasses just to be extra boujee. 

And there you have it, 3 badass ways to style a little black dress.


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