Florals? For Winter? Are you sure Hun?


So, we all know florals are stylish in summer. 

The Devil Wears Prada  (side note: what a cracking film) even confirmed that florals are A-OK in autumn.

However, now a whole stylish set of stars are rather controversially continuing to wear big blooms well into the winter.

Erm, you sure Hun? 

Yep, florals are now an all-year-round kinda thang, which is very confusing for those of us who usually connote the vibrant print with the sun and Sex On The Beach (that's a drink just in case you didn't know - we're keepin' things PG today guys). 

Naturally I'm finding it rather hard to get my head around seeing the summery print in -1° weather. It's basically one big mind f*ck. 

So, instead of hurting my brain with more thinking I decided to try out the trend. 

What did I discover?

Well firstly, donning a summer garment unfortunately does not change the weather. 

I was freezing my f*cking tits off.

Although I had chosen the dress from the 'new in' section and it featured winter-appropriate long sleeves - its chiffon material really didn't keep the cold out.

Also FYI: chiffon + winter wind = disaster

The dress is from a shop I had never heard of before called Lindex, which sounds a bit like a window cleaner spray but I went with it as my cousin had recommended it for a bargain or two. 

She was not wrong, as I got this gorgeous lilac asymmetrical dress for only £19.99.

However, after purchasing I was already feeling pretty insecure about it as you all know girly girl isn't really my vibe. And to be quite frank, just the thought of wearing it made my hands clam up with nerves for fear of looking like an utter plonker. 

This was not made any better when I showed my mum, her exact Whattsapp message being: 

"It's rather grannyish??? Not very flattering!!!"

 Cheers mum. 
(Side note, was that amount of punctuation really necessary!?!?!?!?!?!?!?)

But I was determined to see if winter florals really were a winner, and after a brief Insta story poll I got my confidence back (thanks guys, love ya!)

So, I braved it and wore the floral dress. Hell, I decided to even add a splash of gingham to really bring back those summer 2K17 vibes. 

But this isn't just any cute gingham bag, the eager fashion beavers may recognise the little 'A' adorned in the corner.

Yep, it's Alexa Chung's first ever bag for her ALEXACHUNG label. 

However, Alexa has created the bag for a very good reason, which is in order to show her support for Small Business Saturday on the 2nd December.

Furthermore, all profits from the sale got to  Sarabande, a charitable foundation that was established by the late Lee Alexander McQueen.

πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ FFS - just when we thought Alexa Chung couldn't be even more of mega babe πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Oh yeah, and one more thing the bag ONLY COSTS £25!!!

As a blogger who has always supported small businesses and brands I think this is a very win-win situation right now. 

As for this whole winter floral dress thing? I'm a fan.

Conclusion: Florals are for every season, not just for summer.



  1. I wish that shooting a summer outfit DID change the weather haha! You look gorgeous Sab! Xxx

  2. Love so so much this dress!! Specially the boot!!
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  3. So chic classic and elegant. Love your style!
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