How to wear camo gear if you have no idea


The camouflage trend is one that's very hard to keep up with. Once minute it's on-trend, the next it's the biggest faux pas possible. It's been in and out more times than I can count since 2012, which was you know, that year where camo jackets and beanie hats must have sold out worldwide cheers to Tumblr. 

The camouflage jacket I'm rocking in this post is in fact that exact jacket from way back in the day, which I'm pretty sure I bought at a market in France at a military gear vintage stall. I know, who knew that were a thing? Well, it was in this small French town.

However, shortly after purchasing and finding it hard to walk down the street without seeing at least 5 girls in Topshop's version it was banished to the back of the wardrobe. 

Only to be whacked back out for the first time at London Fashion Week SS18, which I'm not going to lie, I was slightly hesitant about. My anxiety was not made any better when a tourist, complete with Pret in hand fell into my lap on way my into central London that morning. Talk about blending in.

Firstly, let me just name a few of designers who have featured camo on their catwalks in recent seasons: 

SS17 Marc Jacobs
AW17 Zagdig & Voltaire, Fyodor Golan
AW17 Balmain mens
SS17 Each X Other
SS17 Valentino  

Not forgetting Bella Hadid, who touched down in London a few months back rocking a camo jumpsuit. I bet she wasn't sat on on public transport.

So, how should you wear the trend in 2017? 

1. Go for a camo crop 

If you're a newbie or want to just add a splash of the print I suggest going for a cool camo crop. Missguided cleverly gave camo a refresh by creating mesh crops in numerous colours, which can easily be dressed up or down.

2. Go for camo with a modern twist 

ASOS and numerous other retails have given the retro print a modern twist by adding texture. Camo puffer jacket? Check. Mesh skirts? Check. Fluffy cropped jackets? Erm, hell yeah, check. 

So, if you are looking for camo with a 2017 revamp go for a item which isn't the 'camo' norm.

3. Buy a pair of cargo pants 

You know I said I was slightly worried about turning up to fashion week wearing proper CCF cargo pants? Well, there was no need to worry, as everyone and their assistant was wearing cargo pants. They have become a street style staple this season because they give off the perfect androgynous vibes, and are basically just cool AF.  

Stick to pairing them with a plain black or white staples, eg, white tee, leather jacket and vinyl boots and you're set. 

 4. Just do it already

If you've read this article thus far, then chances are you *really really* want to test out a bit of military vibes.  Hey, I feel ya girl.

You just need to go for it. If I can go out around London and be in the presence of Kate Moss in full-on combat gear, then you can absolutely rock a camo item or two. 

Side note: Trust me, the print will make you feel ever-so-slight badass. I felt like Action Man IRL.

And it was awesome.  

Now, go forth, unleash your tomboy side and camo it up. 

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