The comeback of Kappa


It's been nearly a year since I wrote an article for ELLE UK about the comeback of 'uncool 90s brands'

At that time the likes of Fila, Kangol and Kappa were just sneaking back onto the streetstyle scene around fashion week. 

However, fast forward to now and they are forever being featured on cool kid Instagram accounts such as Hype Bae. 
In fact, it's fair to say that the demand for a pair of 90s Kappa jogger bottoms or a fluffy Kangol hat have sky rocketed - Urban Outfitters now sell both brands, along with several other noughties favorites. 

And the price tag of the throwback items are about 70% more than they were in the good ol' days. AND PEOPLE ARE STILL SNAPPING THEM UP AS QUICKLY AS BRITNEY SPEARS SHAVED HER HEAD. 


Obviously for a lot of us 90s babies it's the sense of nostalgia and fondness that draws us back in.

Mix that with fashion week streetstyle pics of Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid sporting the brands - PLUS the recognizable logo's swamping our Instagram feeds and it's very hard not to fall in love with them all over again.... a bit like when you give your ex a second chance when you realllllly shouldn't.

Moreover, whenever any 90s trend returns you know it's probably going to have a knock on effect.... so, let's also all give a warm welcome back to the teeny tiny sunglasses trend.

Oh and the bumbag...

AND crop tops that literally look like they were from our pre-adolescent when none of us had tits. AM I RIGHT?

But if you haven't guessed already I don't need any excuse to embrace the trend of my childhood so I've freaking gone and done all of them. 


Although, I am a bit of a thrifty b*tch so I found the Kangol hat in a vintage shop in York for £7 and the Kappa bottoms in the January sales. 

And if you recognize the trainers - they are a dupe, cost me £20-something-quid and there's a YouTube video about them here.

The sunnies were also £2 off eBay - link is in the YouTube bio JSYK;


  1. Yassss to these 90s vibes! You hottyyyyy xxx

  2. I find it so weird how these brands have rolled back into fashion but at the same time fashion is always repeating itself. The red and black combo looks so good on you, love the pants!

    Lucy Jane | Infinity of Fashion


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