Clueless about why Cher's iconic yellow check is back?


It's been 20 years and we're all still trying to recreate Cher Horowitz's Clueless wardrobe. 

Recently, as I stumbled from a burlesque show into a 90s themed nightclub (don't ask) I realized that the Clueless gals wardrobe has never been more relevant. 

Naturally, the dance floor was filled with, fluffy accessories, guys in light denim jeans and white tees giving off James Dean vibes (well hellooooooooooo) and a sea of yellow check.

Albeit, most girls there were in their late teens (sobs into coffee) and therefore had no idea about the history of their 90s look, other than the fact it was now stocked in Topshop. 

Side note: my sis and I threw a 90s party for our 25th birthday a few months back and my 18 year old cousin (who I still think of as  5 - sorry lil' G) bought his girlfriend. When she admitted she was in fact not alive in the nineties, having been born after the millennium my sis and I started knocking back the prosecco at an extra fast pace.  

Anywhoo, back to the yellow check. 

If you're wondering why the sunshine yellow print has come back in fashion, you may want to have a little peek at Versace's AW18 collection, the luxe label literally recreated Cher's plaid suit with a modern rainbow and reconstructed twist - and it was oh. so. good.

Stella Zipped Checked Skirt in Yellow: iKrush*
Dotty Polka Dot Tie Crop Blouse in Black: iKrush*
Seline Braided Studded Wedges in Black: iKrush*
If you think about it, it was only a matter of time before the check made a comeback. 

Our wardrobe's (alas, still without the outfit choosing computer *sigh*) have literally been morphing into what the Clueless costume cupboard would of looked like. What with the blazers, berets, teeny tiny handbags, Prince of Wales check and platform shoes.

And I mean, who can say no to a flatform?

I always struggle with sandals in summer, I just can't work le sandale. Literally, the only style I ever wear are platforms because I find them more comfy, aesthetically pleasing, and just overall a lot less basic. 

 This pair from iKrush  are literally my dream sandal, thanks to the stud detail, chunky platform sole and buckle up style (I'm all about that practicality).

Lastly, another retro print (albeit, a little more vintage) that is set to be huge this spring/summer is polka dots. The 'gram is already filled to the brim with the spotty print and if it carries on this way it could even overtake our trusty summer stripes.

Groundbreaking? I think so.  

Should the two prints be worn together? I mean, probably not, this most likely isn't how Donatella Versace (or Cher for that matter) envisaged it. 

But hey, I like polka dots, I like yellow check. So to quote Joey from Friends (can you tell I've been binge watching it on Netflix again) "what's not to like!?" 

Check? Good. 

Polka dot? Good.  

Check-a-dot? Gooooood. 

 Clashing prints for the win guys.

 So, until next time, "I'm Outie!" 

This post is sponsored by iKrush - all views, opinions and words are my own.


  1. I love your skirt *-* I'm obsessed with plaid haha <3

    La Robe Noire
    IG : @Saskiabzn
    Saskia! xo

  2. The colour and pattern contrast go well together!! Love the platform heels!

  3. Love this look! Wow! ����

    xxx, Linda
    All about Wallets review

  4. It's been so long that I didn't visit your blog, love this outfit by the way :)


  6. Your colour combinations are unmatched! It's incredible. What would you say are some styling tips for kids?


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