From Low-Key To Show-Stopping: Festival Feels with PrettyLittleThing


As this heatwave continues to be the basis of every conversation in Britain (am I right?), I can't help but think about all the upcoming festivals that are going to be bloomin' UH-MAZING if the weather stays this way! 

After all, what is better than spending your weekend in the sun, alcoholic beverage in hand, listening to a few of your fave bands, and, of course, buying an entirely new outfit!?

Literally my favourite thing about going to a festival is planning (and justifying) an entire new outfit, which is fit for my field dancing alter ego.  

But, my outfit often depends on the festivals vibe. For example, quirky Bestival is different to urban Lovebox. Plus, I'm pretty sure if I headed to Reading Fest dressed head-to-toe in baby pink and glitter I'd have a cup of what I'd tell myself is cider thrown over me in a millisecond. Ah Reading, how my 17-year-old scene/goth/alternative self misses you. 

So, I've teamed up with PrettyLittleThing to bring you two looks that are appropriate for whatever festival date is in your diary:

The low-key day look 

If I'm heading to a day festival (most probably Wireless) I feel a tad more self-conscious about my outfit. 

Because it's set literally a few feet off the London streets people don't go as full-on festival with the dress code. After all, you've got to get the tube all the way home after. 

I usually opt for a more casual look, yet still with a festi twist. 

I'm currently getting back on board with the camouflage trend that is set to soar this autumn. So, not only can I wear this skirt during festival season, but, I can have it in my wardrobe ready to re-style into trendy A/W18 looks. 

Continuing with the 90s vibes, I paired the skirt with a spaghetti strap crop top in summer's must-have print: polka dot. 

The clashing prints create a stylish, yet little braver ensemble than your usual everyday look AKA the perfect compromise for a day festival. 

Finally, although we currently want to go sit in our freezers, festival evenings are known for getting a ickle bit chilly. And, I for one am not one for the cold. So, if I don't have a jacket it's game-over - I'll get grumpy, grab some chips and be on my way.  

Therefore I picked up this shaggy black jacket, which adds a bit of wow-factor to the look. And, once again, is perfect for restyling throughout autumn.

The show-stopping festival look

As I said at the start, If I'm going to a festival I usually want to go all-out and embrace every single glitzy, quirky and colourful style I can find. 

So, allow me to introduce you to my in-your-face 2018 festival outfit. 

Yep, I did warn you.

For starters, I will be the first to admit that I am obsessed with cycling shorts. And, I promise it's not because of Kim K, it's because they are just oh-so-comfy, you can dance your heart out and not worry about showing your knickers, or about your denim hot-pants riding up your ass into an uncomfortable wedgie. 

Seriously, they are the way forward.

Next I wanted to sparkle-up the shorts so I went for this glitzy disc top, that yes, may be prone to a nip slip but I'd just whack on some nipple pasties and be on my way. After all, festivals are a place where you can just be free from all responsibilities - and bras. 

For me, colour is the key to any amazing festival look, and therefore, can we all just take a moment to appreciate this ridiculous shaggy rainbow cardigan. 

It's extra AF, and that's exactly the aesthetic I go for at festivals. 

If that wasn't enough, I also had to finish off the extra ensemble with a *few* accessories. 

(Side note: I'm sh*t at makeup so always compensate through my outfit haha!) 

Obviously you can't have a summer 2018 look without a pair of teeny tiny sunglasses, I have this style in black and pink but opted for the pink because if the weather gets a bit, well British, you can convince yourself otherwise by looking through rose tinted glasses. Like, literally #lifehack. 

Next up, I bought these Buffalo boot-esque shoes from Urban Outfitters and I. AM. OBSESSED. I've always wanted a pair of Spice Girls ready shoes, but at £150 a pop it was a no-go from my bank balance. These were only £50 so it was a win-win. 

Finally, you've probably seen hair scarfs have been blowing up the 'gram and I thought this little rainbow number tied together the whole look rather nicely. 

So, there you have it, my two festival-ready looks. 


  1. I'm in love with that rainbow knitted jacket!!! I'm kind of sad I have no festivals lined up for the rest of my summer but I suppose I've still got time to book, really just want an excuse to dress up and throw on loads of glitter!!
    Shall definitely be taking inspiration from you!

    Lucy Jane | Infinity of Fashion

    1. Hey Lucy!
      I know right, me too! I have wanted one for aggeeees and they even do one now in pastel colours! For £30 it's a bargaaain!
      Ah hope you get to have a summer fest glitter filled fun time!

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  4. love these looks! the rainbow fluffy jacket is amazing. i love dressing up for festivals.


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