Autumn is coming


It's official: it ain't summer no more.

Although my Instagram may suggest otherwise for a few weeks whilst I post all the content from my trip to LA and Nashville. To be honest, just looking at my feed makes me feel slightly chilly but hey that content is goin' up!

But for those of us lucky enough to live in this country we call Britain (leaving the whole Brexit disaster to one side) we are now entering that awkward transeasonal period where half of us are determined to go bare-legged until Halloween, whilst the others immediately grab the nearest teddy coat - am I right!?

Jewellery: Serge DeNimes 

Hey, no judgement either way. I've already pulled my fluffy aviator coat out of the cupboard for my morning commutes. 

Anyway, what I thought I would do in the blog post is help y'all out (soz mind still in Nashville) a bit with how to cope with this awkward dressing phase.

It will probably come as no surprise that a midi skirt is by far the best solution when it comes to the unpredictable weather. And, if you are a keen Instagram scroller you probably know that the 'it' style to have for autumn 2018 is a little leopard print number.

The trend, which was started by Reformation has luckily (for those of us without deep pockets) now been commandeered by the high street, with lots of slinky satin numbers hitting stores - but not for long - as they sell out in a heartbeat.

For example, I searched high and low for a similar luxe looking style, and finally came across this one by River Island, which cost a bargain £36. But alas, was sold out.

A quick email to PR, re-stock date in the diary and cheeky online purchase on my lunch break later - and finally - I had the wild number in my wardrobe. And I have to say the mixture of the light weight satin material and animal print immediately made me feel pretty darn sassy.

It is also proving to be the perfect number for the transeasonal weather, as well as a killer day-to-night number.

For an office to out out look I've paired it with this bardot button-up shirt, which I think we can all agree is a lot smarter than my usual tee of choice, but recently I've really grown to love a dramatic shirt. Maybe I'm finally growing up. Or, maybe it's just a phase.

Either way as the weather plummets I will probably switch the shirt for a fitted polo neck or cosy jumper. Hell, I may even be really reckless and mix in a few other animal prints like a snakeskin or tiger print top.

As for footwear? Until I own a pair of autumn/winter 2018 western boots, or until the snow hits again and makes me live in my Dr Martens, I'm going to be embracing these Buffalo boot-inspired BAD BOIIIIIS.

I've made it no secret that I love all things 90s (especially Spice Girls platform footwear that makes my short ass self appear ever-so-slightly taller). However, I didn't really want to shell out £160 for a real pair, and after buying a similar pair from Urban Outfitters only to find them HELLA HEAVY and quite a trip hazard, which is not great for someone who has already broken her nose numerous times - apparently my hands arn't very good at quick reactions and my nose loves to faceplant the ground.

Anyway, they were a safety risk for me and my nose, and so I sold them on Depop and had given up with my Baby Spice dreams. That was until I found these more sensible looking £45 chunky platform sneakers at River Island.

They are like 70% lighter, 85% more comfortable and 100% more Sabby safety friendly.

So, these are just a few of the staples I'll be wearing until it gets too cold to give a F - hope it has helped you out a little. I've created a little shoppable bit below if you want to recreate the look: 


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